Internet Went Kaput

We have internet and phone service through a local cable company.

The Friday before last our internet went out, which means our phone also went out.

The cable company has not yet (as of 1pm Sunday) got it working again, and they have not said when or even IF it will be working again.

So I’m cadging my moms internet using a laptop that is driving me crazy. The cursor keeps moving while I’m typing. I have changed some settings to try to fix that but no joy so far.

So I haven’t been posting much anywhere, and my last giveaway was a bit late. I’m hoping they will get my net fixed Monday. If they don’t I may try getting internet from satellite. Anyone have experience with that? Like it?

Hope to be back online regularly soon. Bear with me. Please.

Do You Really Need A Cellphone?

Sitting in the doctors office yesterday there were about 10 people in there when we were and all but 2 of them had phones of some sort.

Most of them seemed to be playing games or checking facebook.

I bought a Tracfone 7 years ago just to have on the road for emergencies. Out on some of these country roads there are not too many houses so you have to walk a ways to find a phone if something happens.

Of course out here people do tend to stop and help if you are pulled over on the back roads but it is nice to have a phone in those situations.

That old phone has just about given up the ghost though. The keys started to stick and my hubby decided we needed a new one.

That old phone was just for calls. All the new phones seem to be internet ready and have cameras in them too. The camera part I really like…I can take pictures for my blog from anywhere!

However it seems to me that people are getting way too hooked on having the internet everywhere these days. The phone was bad enough…people can call you anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

Now you can get on Facebook anytime, anywhere. Or play games or check email. There is even less down time.

No wonder people are so stressed out these days. No one takes the time to just sit and relax or sit and think.

I’m wondering if people are scared of quiet these days. Scared to be still for a bit.

What do you think? Do you have your internet with you all the time? Does it add to stress? Do you ever get annoyed with being accessible at all times?

Do you need a cellphone?

Losing Internet Access This Evening

We will be moving the computers this evening sometime so I will not  have access to the internet for a bit.

The cable company said a service guy would be out in the morning to run a line and turn the service on but that is what they said the last time we moved. Last time they were running late and we had to go all weekend without T.V. or internet.

This time they scheduled for a Monday so even if they do get behind or something it shouldn’t be that long.

I have plenty of books to read so it won’t bother me much. My husband will really miss his Facebook though.

That says something not so good about the state of the world these days…if lack of access to the internet can make us feel like our lives are messed up…that just isn’t right. Of course some folks feel that way about the T.V. too.

On the other hand it is really too cold to be doing much outside right now. What did people used to do on winter evenings before T.V. and internet? Maybe we should check into that.

I’ll see you folks when my net is back up!


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