KleenSlate Handheld Dry Erase Paddles Review

KleenSlate Handheld Dry Erase Paddles Review

When I heard about the handheld dry erase paddles from KleenSlate Concepts I really wanted to check them out because we had used some large erasable whiteboards before but not hand held ones.

These are really neat too. They have rectangular and circular ones. I wish we had some of the circular ones back when I was in grade school.

My mom tried to help me learn math by putting equations on note cards and drilling me with them. It would have been a lot more fun if we had these white boards. She could have wrote the question on one and I could have the answer on the other and just erase and reuse!

These would be great for larger classes too….the kids could just hold up the whiteboards instead of waving their hands.

They can be used for writing practice too. There are different writing surfaces…one looks like writing paper, one is for graphs, and there is even one for music! And of course the plain white one can be used for drawing. The paddles are small enough for pre-schoolers to handle easily.

And if the surface on your paddle gets torn or otherwise messed up…you can just put a new sheet on it! The actual paddles can last for a long time.

There are markers that come with them too. In all different colors and they have the erasers on the ends. I like that because it makes it harder to lose the eraser.

The paddles come in 8 different colors. The markers come in 9 colors and are low-odor and non-toxic. The also have points that don’t push in.

These paddles won a Teachers Choice award for “Best In Classroom Tools”  back in 2008.

For more information visit @KleenSlate01 on Twitter or Facebook.

Having Fun With Captain Fussybuckets

Over on Life With Captain Fussybuckets you will find a variety of posts. There are deals and reviews and giveaways. My favorite posts though are the ones about her kids, Captain Fussybuckets and baby D.

Anyone with kids will find these posts interesting and sometimes helpful. Even if you don’t have kids they are fun to read. She has posted about seperation anxiety, the different sleep patterns of her kids, toddler education, and cooking as well as facts about her kids.

She makes you see them as individual people and not just generic kids. I sort of feel like a friend of the family already without ever having actually met them.  I like that.

One of her recent posts included a recipe for making an omlet that kids can actually help with. I’m gonna try this myself even though I don’t have any kids around to help. Because it looks easy and simple and healty too(no grease).

The post is actually about letting kids be messy and have fun. The post also includes information about where you can find more recipes for fun activities for kids and where you can enter a sweepstakes  to win money for a kids party.

I hope she wins. I’m sure she could use a big party. Catered preferably.

Lovable Labels Review And Giveaway

Lovable Labels Review And Giveaway

I received some Think Pink! Labels from Lovable Labels to review. I chose those because they have the pink ribbon in support of breast cancer research and because for every set sold .50 cents will be donated to benefit the Research and Cure for breast cancer through the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. That is really great since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You get a set of 40 labels. They do have pretty pink script. I had them printed with the name of my niece.  They came in a folder with lots of information too. I tried taking pictures but only one of them turned out not to be blurry. lovable labels

As you can see the labels are fairly small. So you could put them on just about anything without them taking a lot of space. They are flexible too…they feel sort of like the flexible band aids you can get to put on knees and elbows. Which means they can stand up to a bit of bending and twisting too.

That is not all that surprising since they were developed by a mom! She made sure they could stand up to anything kids put them through. They are also washer/dryer safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, bleach safe, and temperature safe!

Labeling all the things you child has to carry around will help minimize losses. At least then if found it is known who it belongs to. And if there are several of the exact same type of item…having labels can help minimize arguing over which belongs to who.

Lovable labels also has  regular sticker labels and specialized labels with “perma-grip” to go on shoes.  They also have the allergy alert stickers and medical wristbands for children with medical problems.

These labels are really nice and I recommend them to moms, aunts, grandmas, or even baby sitters and teachers who have to keep up with children “stuff”. Or even the “stuff” of an adult who has a bad habit of laying things down and forgetting them.

Loveable Labels is generously offering one of my lucky readers a pack of “Think Pink! Labels‘. This giveaway is for U.S./Canada only and will end at midnight October 14. You may enter using the rafflecopter form below. If the form isn’t showing, please refresh the page.

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