Throw Your Hat Over The Fence

Throw Your Hat Over The Fence

Picture of a wooden fence.

I first heard (or read) the phrase “throw your hat over the fence” a long time ago.

It  comes from the fact that hats used to be really expensive and working men (especially farmers and ranchers) really needed them to protect their heads. So if you lost your hat you did your absolute best to find it or get it back.

So throwing your hat over the fence pretty much meant that you HAD to go over that fence to get your hat back.

Big horned bull.

The story I read included a bull inside the fence. Which just underscored the importance of getting the hat back. If you were willing to face a bull for it…it was important!

So to throw your hat over the fence means to make a real commitment.

Many self help programs claim that making a commitment and actually starting to work toward a goal gets the whole universe aligned in your favor so that things just sort of all into place(not without work).

So that just making up your mind to actually do something…and getting started on it…makes it more likely that you will succeed.

I don’t know about that. But I do know that if you never actually start trying to reach a goal you won’t ever get there. And if you don’t make a commitment to do something…it will likely not ever get done. At least not by you.

So I’m throwing my hat over the fence.

Both in my blogging and in my life. It is time to stop thinking and worrying about it and just get on with it! So expect some changes on this blog including more content posts.

I hope you like them….but please let me know by commenting either way. Especially if there is something you think I could do better!

Starting The New Year Off Late

Starting The New Year Off Late

New Year 2013.

Yep the New Year is barely started and I’m already procrastinating.

I would love to blame it all on my hubby. After all if he hadn’t hurt his back I would been able to get a lot more done.

I don’t know why but when he is hanging out at home I just don’t seem to get much of anything done. Not housework. Not blogging. Not organizing. The animals are lucky they still get fed.

He doesn’t really get in the way all that much most of the time. He mostly hangs out in the recliner or the bed (when his back was really hurting). But somehow or another when he is home I just can’t seem to concentrate.

Of course it isn’t all him. The housework doesn’t need concentration. There are lots of things to be done that being interrupted wouldn’t hurt…but I haven’t done some of those either.

I did manage to get some dishes washed but only got the fridge cleaned out this morning so now there are MORE dishes waiting.

This doesn’t bode well. If things continue like this I might get all the winter stuff done by summer, and then the summer stuff will be done by winter, and this years goals met by next year…

How are you doing so far this year?

Murphy’s Law Strikes Again

You know Murphy’s Law right?  The one that says if anything CAN go wrong it WILL? Well it did.

I read a corollary once too…that said it would go wrong at the worst possible time. Guess what? It did.

My hubby is no longer among the gainfully employed. Just before Christmas. Does that suck or what?

Even worse the bills haven’t gone away. And I can tell you for an absolute fact that Lawyers fees suck.

And I had a birthday. Which is better than not having one I admit…but those numbers keep going up! I’m getting old.

The hormones are changing too. I’m not sure I can handle a man being underfoot all day. I’ll have to hire him out for some ditch digging if nothing else.

Does anyone want to buy some advertising space? I have some available.

And to top it all off I was going to get on rafflecopter to moderate a giveaway and start another one…but they wouldn’t let me! They claim there has been a volcanic explosion! LOL. I really like that 404 page.

I’ll get my next review/giveaway post up this evening or tomorrow. After Rafflecopter gets everything cleaned up.

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