Save Money With Motion Sensor LED Lights

The MSLPro Motion Sensing Socket Plug is a great way to save on lighting costs. It uses a regular LED light bulb that puts out about 475 Lumens. That is about the same as a 40 watt incandescent bulb, which is plenty of light for most purposes. I put the one we got in our … Read More

Ever Had To Cut A Seat Belt?

I have not ever had to cut a seatbelt for any reason, much less had to cut myself out of it in an emergency. I don’t ever want to have to either. But if it was ever necessary I would like to be able to do so. The Life Tire Gauge from Mountain Crest Products … Read More

Need Extra Light In Your Hall?

This motion sensor night light is great for dark hallways. Or any spot that needs some extra light. I put it in our hallway. It lights up when one of us walks close to it. The light has already prevented me from setting on the dog a couple of times. She likes to lay in … Read More

Light Up Your Porch With Solar Power

This Solar Motion Light from Ankway is wonderful. It was easy to put up. It took my hubby less than 5 minutes to attach it to our porch. It took longer for us to decide where we wanted to put it. We couldn’t put it in our first choice of spots. The problem was either … Read More

Flameless Tea Lights Are Safe For Parties

Not only are Flameless Tea Lights safer to use during parties, they are safer during storms too. After all if the wind really shakes your house, and knocks over a candle (or oil lamp), you might end up with your house catching fire. These Flameless LED Tea Lights with Votive Wraps from Frux Home and … Read More

Sylvania LED Motion Sensor Light

Disclosure: I bought these lights myself. The post does contain affiliate links. We live out in the boonies and it can get really dark out there especially when the moon is small or it is cloudy. Leaving a regular porch light on seems wasteful to me…it is only needed when we are leaving or coming … Read More

BrimLit Flexible LED Light Giveaway

BrimLit Flexible LED Light Giveaway

The folks over at Lights For All Occasions have generously offered to give one of my wonderful readers a Brimlit Flexible LED Light. This is a really wonderful and very bright light that fits on your hat brim so you don’t have to hold a flashlight when you need a light. This giveaway is for … Read More

BrimLit Flexible LED Light Review

BrimLit Flexible LED Light Review

I received a BrimLit flexible LED light to review. I wanted this for my hubby as he is always forgetting to take his flashlight with him and having to come back for it. This battery operated LED light fits on the brim of a cap or hat. My hubby almost always wears a baseball cap. … Read More

GlitzSee Motion Activated Purse Light

GlitzSee Motion Activated Purse Light

The GlitzSee motion activated purse light isn’t all that big. It does put out a pretty big light though! I tried to take some pics of it it in drawers but they didn’t come out too good. No way am I going to show anyone a picture of the inside of my purse! I’m not … Read More

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