Hearts On The Line A Memoir By Marla Martenson Review

Hearts On The Line A Memoir By Marla Martenson Review

Hearts on the Line A Memoir by Marla Martensen cover picture.Hearts on the Line: the Elusive Pursuit of Love in the City of Angels a Memoir by Marla Martenson is a really fun book to read.

It is easy to read and kept me interested the whole way through.

She tells stories about her life as a matchmaker to rich (and sometimes idiotic) men in Los Angeles. It has some funny things, some sad things, some things to tick you off…just about everything a life could have.

In this book she continues her memoir that she started in Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker that I reviewed a while back.

In this one she finally quits working for that mean boss of hers that I always felt like smacking. She went to work for herself…being her own boss and eventually making even more money. And finished another book!

It has a really wonderful ending too(I’m not telling! Read it yourself!) but I hope she keeps on with the memoirs. I want to know how things went after the end of this book.

I loved that she included a lot of stuff about her past too. Many of the things she talked about made me feel that I have a lot in common with her.  We both grew up while kids were still pretty free and safe to roam around town without adults. We both had men issues and found our soul mates later in life. A few other things too.

But for having so much alike…we are vastly different…she is a city girl and I have never lived in a town of more than 10,000 people. That may be another reason why her life is so interesting…it is so different from mine.

In any case this is another great book from Marla.

From the back cover :

Marla’s day might begin with an email like this:

I hope you don’t plan on charging me for the last two setups—Penny and Lydia. Let me make it crystal clear for you, even 5 pounds overweight is a deal killer.… I won’t waste any more time on another date with a plump gal.

Penny and Lydia are both under 110 pounds—including implants. Marla facetiously refers to the dating service as the Double D—which doesn’t stand for dream date—and often finds herself introducing SHBRs (short fat bald rich guys) to GDGDs (gosh darn gold-diggers) and, despite the odds, countless couples find that Marla has linked their hearts. The exasperating clients stand out, but many are terrific people, and you’ll follow their dating stories with interest, as Marla struggles to work for a boss who requires her to cross ethical lines, pushing Marla to her limits.
A tiny spark is all it takes, and Marla goes from being vice-president of a multi-city enterprise to being unemployed—which takes her career in matchmaking to a whole new level, all while staying true to her most authentic self.

About the Author :

After a decade of matchmaking, two books on dating, a memoir, and hundreds of interviews on national media, Marla kept getting requests for a memoir sequel, revealing the next stage in her own challenging, zany, and loving relationship, pitted against the even zanier world of elite matchmaking in Southern California. For a woman who had given up on finding her soul mate and accepted her fate of remaining single, having an open heart and mind has proven to be golden. Marla and her husband reside in harmony with their dog, Macie in Los Angeles, where she continues to bring her matchmaking expertise to the singles population of Southern California.

Marla Martenson has a blog at www.marlamartenson.com, and you can visit her on Facebook, or follow @marlamartenson on Twitter too.

7 Easy Steps To Memoir Writing by Mary Anne Benedetto Review

7 Easy Steps To Memoir Writing by Mary Anne Benedetto Review

7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing by Mary Anne Benedetto 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing is a really great book that everyone interested in writing a memoir should read. Especially if you haven’t ever written a memoir before.

The author takes you through 7 steps that get you to the point of actually writing a memoir.

She starts with the excuses people make for not doing it. She says you just need to kick those excuses out and get started and the 1st chapter is devoted to helping you do that.

The next chapters are helping you to remember what actually happened in your life so you can write about it.

I’m still at that stage in the actual doing. She has you make lists of things that happened in each decade of your life and then try to gather pictures or memorabilia…any visual aids that will help you remember.

Then you start writing. After that is organizing and interviewing family and things like that. It all sounds like fun. I did some interviewing of my great aunt years ago…before she passed away. I’m so glad I did too because now that she is gone..I will never be able to get more stories from her.

From The Back Cover :

Share with others the significant moments of your life. Make available a collection of your written memories for loved ones to cherish! 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing removes the fear and apprehension of starting a memoir preservation project by providing:

  • Step-by-step guidance in jump-starting a lifewriting adventure
  • Assistance in capturing the life stories of loved ones as well as your own
  • Tips and hints that alleviate the “overwhelmed” feeling inherent in tackling a memoir project
  • A comprehensive list of questions for interviewing relatives or for formulating your own story
  • The Mini-Memoir, a fill-in-the-blank form that offers a glimpse into the life of an individual
  • A list of additional memoir writing resources
  • Select sample stories by memoir writing workshop attendees

Loved ones and future generations will be thankful to have in their possession the stories that you choose to write today!

About the Author :

MARY ANNE BENEDETTO is a speaker, blogger, Certified Lifewriting Instructor, ghostwriter and author of fiction and nonfiction publications.  Her passions include helping people preserve memoirs, guiding pet owners in capturing their treasured animal stories, world travel and walking the spectacular South Carolina beaches. She is on a mission to start a memoir writing epidemic. You can visit the author at her website A Writers Presence.

Ever Written A Memoir?

I just started reading a book on memoir writing called 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing(review coming soon).

I’ve only gotten through the first chapter so far but it already has me thinking.

The author Mary Anne Benedetto says the biggest problem people have with writing memoirs…is starting.

She says you just have to stop making excuses and commit to doing it.

I’m not sure how committed I am…but I’m thinking about doing one. Maybe as a regular series on this blog. Because reading some of what she said got me thinking about my grandmother and remembering some stories I was told.

Like the one about how she accidently poured finger nail polish remover on me when changeing my diaper…instead of baby oil. They told me I screamed to high heaven and scared her to death…they said it took a while before she could change a diaper again.

We always teased her that she ruined me for life with that finger nail polish remover.

Some things you don’t want to forget.  Has anything like that ever happened to you? What stories do you tell you kids and grandkids?

Some things you don’t want to forget.

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