We Made It Through Another Year!

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Woo! Go us! Seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we started 2017 and now it is over.

I didn’t get everything done that I planned to do last year. Did you?

My library/spare room is still a mess, except for a couple of shelves. Which is a good start.

I’ve been told we are not gonna be getting more guineas this year, so if I get it cleaned up and cleared out by March it should stay that way.

We had a few funerals this year. Lots of changes. We are still getting adjusted. Not easy.

I did read a lot of books. Haven’t got all the reviews up yet. Got behind because of all the other stuff. Still working on that.

How has your year been? Lots of you guys live in areas where bad things happened this past year. I hope things there are getting back to something resembling “normal”, though I doubt normal is in the cards for lots of folks for a while yet.

Puerto Rico still doesn’t have electricity. That is a long time to do without power. I went 17 days once in the middle of winter and that was tough. Don’t like even thinking about being without for months.

Other places had floods, fires, and storms.

Here is praying the new year brings better things for all.

Tomato Gravy For Breakfast

When I was little we often had tomato gravy for breakfast. I loved it. I still love it.

We had it with biscuits and scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs.I think it was my great grandmother that introduced tomato gravy into the family. I’m not really sure because I remember having that from when I was really young.

She made it just like milk gravy except you put canned tomatoes in it instead of milk.

First you brown your flour in a bit of grease (or oil)…she got hers really browned but some folks don’t like the taste of that…you can brown it however much you like. Be sure and salt and pepper it too.

When the flour is as brown as you want it…add your tomatoes and stir till it is as thick as you want it.

Then you eat it. I still love that stuff. I can’t eat it as much any more though…it tends to give me indigestion these days.

And of course back then we used the canned  tomatoes that my grandmother, mother, and aunt had canned themselves out of my grandmothers garden. With the help of us kids of course!

That may have been part of what made it so good….knowing that I helped put up those tomatoes. It was such fun to pt the tomatoes into the  boiling water and watch for the skins to split. When I was bigger they let me take them out and peel them too.

The diced tomatoes you buy at the store work just fine…but they are still not the same.

Maybe remembering things makes them seem more pleasant than they really were….and it probably wasn’t so much fun for the grown ups…but it made for some great memories!

photo credit: I Believe I Can Fry via photopin cc

Prompts are fun

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Forgetfullness Is Embarassing

I had to go to the doctors office again on Friday. They require you to check in with the receptionist who always asks a bunch of questions.

They ask all that to make sure your information hasn’t changed. I don’t mind them doing that usually but this time I got up there and she asked me my address and I had no clue.

I was standing there like an idiot trying to remember…where exactly do I live?? I started to give her a number and realized it was wrong…and had to start all over again.

I have forgotten numbers before…such as phone numbers…I have trouble remembering mine but this was the first time I have ever forgotten my address. And of course it has to be right out in public so I couldn’t even pretend it didn’t happen.

I often go into a room and forget why I’m there. I did that again this morning. I have a good excuse for that though…I passed the dryer and seeing it reminded me to put the laundry up…which I did…and totally forgot what I was originally doing. I didn’t even realize it for an hour or so which shows how important that was!

I’m not even 50 yet! It is too early for my memory to go! I still need it.

I’ll have to get one of those engraved bracelets and put my address and phone number on it. And a couple of family members numbers too. That way I can look at the bracelet and maybe no one will even notice.

Have you ever forgot your address?

Ever Written A Memoir?

I just started reading a book on memoir writing called 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing(review coming soon).

I’ve only gotten through the first chapter so far but it already has me thinking.

The author Mary Anne Benedetto says the biggest problem people have with writing memoirs…is starting.

She says you just have to stop making excuses and commit to doing it.

I’m not sure how committed I am…but I’m thinking about doing one. Maybe as a regular series on this blog. Because reading some of what she said got me thinking about my grandmother and remembering some stories I was told.

Like the one about how she accidently poured finger nail polish remover on me when changeing my diaper…instead of baby oil. They told me I screamed to high heaven and scared her to death…they said it took a while before she could change a diaper again.

We always teased her that she ruined me for life with that finger nail polish remover.

Some things you don’t want to forget.  Has anything like that ever happened to you? What stories do you tell you kids and grandkids?

Some things you don’t want to forget.

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