Packaways Multipurpose Moving Boxes Review

Packaways Multipurpose Moving Boxes Review

I had a chance to review Packaway Multipurpose Moving Boxes and since I have moved several times lately I really wanted to try them. Especially since we are going to have to help my step-son with a move in a couple of weeks. They looked much easier to use than bins or regular boxes. I … Read More

Organizing And Decorating And Going Crazy

We have gotten just about everything moved in to the new place now. There are a few things we haven’t got yet but all the big things are moved. I keep forgetting my plants. They are very hardy so should be ok another day or two. I really need to remember to get them though. … Read More

Losing Internet Access This Evening

We will be moving the computers this evening sometime so I will not  have access to the internet for a bit. The cable company said a service guy would be out in the morning to run a line and turn the service on but that is what they said the last time we moved. Last … Read More

Moving Sucks! Storage Bins Make It Easier

We are moving again. And I am NOT a happy camper. I will be happy when it’s over of course. In the meantime both places are a mess and I am tired. We (actually my husband) found out that using storage bins to move books makes that a lot easier. We (actually me) have 5 … Read More

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