Packaways Multipurpose Moving Boxes Review

Packaways Multipurpose Moving Boxes Review

Picture of Packaways Moving Boxes in use. I had a chance to review Packaway Multipurpose Moving Boxes and since I have moved several times lately I really wanted to try them.

Especially since we are going to have to help my step-son with a move in a couple of weeks. They looked much easier to use than bins or regular boxes. I also liked the colors!

They come in four different colors. My favorite is green but they also have blue, pink, and white.

Picture of a Green Packaway Moving Box.

These are really neat. You don’t have to tape the bottom! I filled one up with a bunch of books that had been in the way here and it ended up being pretty heavy but the bottom held up with no trouble at all.

It has a tab on the bottom flap that slips into a slot on the side when you open it up so it doesn’t need tape. And when you are done with it you can fold it flat again and stick it in the closet or behind a door out of the way. It doesn’t take up hardly any room that way.

It also has handles so you can pick it up easy! And it has an area for labeling it so you know whats in each box.

I really like these boxes. Having a few of them around will make moving just about anything that will fit into them easier even if you have to move a whole household. And they won’t have to be taking up a lot of room in the shed when not in use.

Packaways are made in the U.S. and you can visit them on Facebook for updates.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Organizing And Decorating And Going Crazy

We have gotten just about everything moved in to the new place now. There are a few things we haven’t got yet but all the big things are moved.

I keep forgetting my plants. They are very hardy so should be ok another day or two. I really need to remember to get them though.

This place is bigger and we have not yet figured out how to arrange things so they really look good.  My mom has done most of that sort of thing. I’m not really good at decorating and she is.

The phone still hasn’t been hooked up. AT&T claim it has been but it isn’t working. They were supposed to send a tech out today and find out what was wrong. They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say what time the tech might get here other than sometime between 7 am and 7 pm.

Apparently AT&T doesn’t have anyone capable of figuring out schedules. Make a note next time you move…make them check the phones before they leave the first time. I would have done that but he didn’t even bother letting us know he was here(if he actually was).

We may have to consider an alternative phone system. The cable isn’t always on either so not sure that would work.

Cell phone reception here is pretty much non-existant. And I haven’t yet found a cell phone that will work with hearing aids. The cell we have I can’t hear on. I have a cap-tel phone to use for emergencies. And for talking to family and friends. It needs a land line to work.

Anyone have any suggestions? My husband is going nuts without his phone. I already went.

Losing Internet Access This Evening

We will be moving the computers this evening sometime so I will not  have access to the internet for a bit.

The cable company said a service guy would be out in the morning to run a line and turn the service on but that is what they said the last time we moved. Last time they were running late and we had to go all weekend without T.V. or internet.

This time they scheduled for a Monday so even if they do get behind or something it shouldn’t be that long.

I have plenty of books to read so it won’t bother me much. My husband will really miss his Facebook though.

That says something not so good about the state of the world these days…if lack of access to the internet can make us feel like our lives are messed up…that just isn’t right. Of course some folks feel that way about the T.V. too.

On the other hand it is really too cold to be doing much outside right now. What did people used to do on winter evenings before T.V. and internet? Maybe we should check into that.

I’ll see you folks when my net is back up!


Moving Sucks! Storage Bins Make It Easier

We are moving again. And I am NOT a happy camper. I will be happy when it’s over of course. In the meantime both places are a mess and I am tired.

We (actually my husband) found out that using storage bins to move books makes that a lot easier.

We (actually me) have 5 tall and 2 short bookshelves. Filled with books. Both hardback and paperback. One shelf of books will fit in a storage bin. Bigger bins would hold more but then they hard to carry and if you have to up and down steps (we do) that isn’t a good thing.

If you have enough bins (we don’t) you could move all the books and shelves at once and just put the books straight back on the shelves. That way you don’t have to go through and organize again.

I like having my books separated into groups, the science fiction in its own section, then the romances, the westerns, the horror and thrillers, and the non-fiction and each section by alphabet. That way I always know where any particular book is.

Right now they are all in the floor of the back room in the house we are moving too. We didn’t know exactly where the shelves were going to fit so we had to get them all moved first. So I still have a lot of work to do going through them and putting them up.

I will be getting rid of some of them too. More giveaways for you guys!

We will still have the storage bins to use after the move too. You can store winter clothes during the summer or just stuff you don’t need very often. Mice can’t get in them! We also store chicken feed in one. And we made a small chicken coop out of one too. Very useful things they are.

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