A Full Life

My life is pretty full right now.

I have dogs, chickens, guineas, horses, family, the house, the yard, and lots of books I need to read.

The little mini horse.

The newest little horse in these parts.

My husband does most of the taking care of the horses. The young one is a rescue, and the mini is one my husband got cause my mom wanted one. They both need to be worked with, and now that it is starting to dry up out there, that might happen.

Eggs from my chickens.

My chickens are all laying again now, and I’m getting piles of eggs. The neighbors are taking some, and we are eating lots, but looks like they are starting to pile up on me. Might have to open a booth on the side of the road or something. You want some eggs?

The guineas are wandering all over the place now. They have gotten in the road once, and I hollered at them. I hope they don’t keep going out in that direction. The other three directions are pretty safe, so they really don’t need to go in the road.
Some of my guineas out in the yard.

They have started laying eggs too, but I have only found two of them. I hope they will all be laying in the coop so I can get the eggs and hatch them.

The flowers are doing good so far this year too. Lots of daffodils, and those little purple ones, and bluebells.

Flowers in my yard.Lots of these little flowers in my yard.

My tomato plants are coming along nicely too. As soon as this cold spell is over I’m gonna transfer them outside.

So how is your spring going this year? Is it still cold in your area?

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