Dealing With The Winter Blahs

Dealing With The Winter Blahs

Many days lately have been dark, cloudy, and gloomy. Like this picture.

Picture of a gloomy day.

And not only that it is cold! Which means you can’t stay outside long even if you wanted to be out in the gloom.

But inside isn’t much better.

My whole family is starting to get stir crazy. Of course the daffodils do brighten things up a bit and some bushes are starting to get buds on them.

That just makes us more eager to get outside and start doing things.

My hubby was out trimming trees the other day. Even though it was really cold out there.

We are looking forward to when it is warmer and we can go out in the yard and get the flower beds ready and maybe plant a few vegetables too.

And the local parks will be full of people again. Hiking, playing ball, and swimming. It is nice to go by there and just watch sometimes.

And Crowleys Ridge State park will have their waterfall open again when it is warmer. It is really relaxing to go sit on the benches and watch the water run down into the lake.

I’m really looking forward to sunshine and warm days! How about you?

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