Christmas Past And The New Year About To Start

Christmas Past And The New Year About To Start


Christmas is over and it is almost New Years Day.  Did you have a good Christmas? I had a great day with my family.

I ate too much of a really wonderful dinner cooked by my mother. She says I will have to start doing the cooking soon as she is getting a bit too old. I’m afraid the dinners might not be that good again!

I also got a crock pot. One with a timer. It will automatically shut off when the time is up. I like that as I am often not sure just when I will be getting home and it worries me to leave something hot on for too long. I will post a review of it after I have used it a few times.

What all did you do for Christmas? I hope you were with your family. It really sucks to be away from them on the holiday. Did you get any good presents? Let us all know so we can share the joy!

The New Year

The New Year is almost on us too. How did last year go for you? Anything big happen? I started blogging on a regular basis and am still loving it so far. I also lost my grandmother. I’m not loving that. We still miss her.

Other than that it was a pretty good year. I’m hoping this next year will be as good or better. Do you have any plans for the New Year? Resolutions? I would like to lose at least 30 lbs myself.

New Years Celebration

Are you going to party on New Years Eve? Me and my husband are probably going to sit home and watch the celebrations on TV. Those big parties in Times Square are usually fun to watch.

Happy New Year Giveaway Hop 2012

I’m also participating in the Happy New Years Giveaway Hop starting on December 30. Having the chance to win something is a great way to celebrate the new year. Come on over and join us when you get the chance. It lasts till January 3 so you will have time to recover from the partying first!

Whatever happens I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great year!

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