Relax Essential Oil Blend Giveaway

The folks over at Mia Mariu are giving you guys (only those in the US) a chance to win a bottle of their Relax Essential Oil Blend. I’ll be getting a review post up soon, but I will say this stuff smells heavenly, and it is very relaxing. If you can’t wait to see if … Read More

Respect Has Changed, Or Disappeared

My father-in-laws funeral was Monday. We drove from the funeral home out to the cemetery. Most folks going the other way still pulled over or stopped but a few did not. Not too long ago it would have been every single one of them. And even twenty years ago people would not have even thought … Read More

Practicing Procrastination

I love to procrastinate. Especially if it involves dusting or dish washing. That is mostly laziness right there. Other procrastination involves boredom…or fear. Sometimes I’ll have a book review and it turns out that the book was harder to get into than I expected or wasn’t quite what I thought it would be…and then I … Read More

It Is Good To Be Home Again

Me and my husband had to take a trip up to Michigan again. We rented a car from Enterprise for the trip as my car is almost 20 years old now and about to fall apart. The car was a Chrysler 200 and it was a really nice car. It took some getting used to … Read More

Losing Internet Access This Evening

We will be moving the computers this evening sometime so I will not  have access to the internet for a bit. The cable company said a service guy would be out in the morning to run a line and turn the service on but that is what they said the last time we moved. Last … Read More

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