You Can Get Some Pretty Cool Glasses Online

Private Eyes Thixie Reader from DiscountGlasses.I got these pretty reading glasses online. From

They have a large number of frames to choose from and lots of different colors. I looked at several hundred before I decided on this pair of Private Eyes Thixie Readers.

They also have prescription glasses and sunglasses, so next time my husband needs new glasses we will likely get them online. They are cheaper than ordering from the eye doctor.

I love the case these came in! It is a hard plastic case with a flip top lid.

Case for glasses from case also came with a plastic cover to protect it from damage. The glasses themselves were also protected by a plastic baggie sort of thing. I like that. Don’t think anything less than being stomped on or run over by a truck during shipping would hurt them.

Glasses case with the plastic cover on it.

I got this pair because of the design on the sides. My pictures are a bit blurry but you can still see it.Private Eyes Thixie Readers from

They seem to be really well made glasses. Much better then the ones I had, which were the very cheap ones you get from a dollar store.

I was buying cheap ones because our newest puppy was going through that “chewing on everything” stage of life, and it took me a long time to get to where I would remember to put my glasses up where she could not get to them. I lost about 5 pair. The first pair that got chewed up was more expensive and I got really upset when she chewed them up. She has grown out of that now, so I really wanted a nice pair.

They look pretty good on me don’t they?
Me in the reading glasses from

Here is a side view.

Side view of me in glasses from

You can get free shipping in the U.S. and Canada or pay for expedited shipping. They also ship to over a hundred other countries around the world. They do accept PayPal.

I received a free pair of reading glasses to review.


Holiday Themed Zenni Optical Frames

Holiday Themed Zenni Optical Frames

Holiday themed Zenni Optical Frames are coming to town! Zenni Optical makes cheap eyeglasses for everyday use. They also have some frames that come in festive holiday colors!

My favorites are these pretty green frames :Green eyeglass frames.

They have some red ones and some silvery ones too! Of course there are lots of other colors as well but those seem to me to be the ones most suitable for the holidays. If you like blue or purple however…you can find frames to suit! Go look for yourself and let us know what you find!

These would make nice stocking stuffers for just about anyone who wears glasses. Especially reading glasses.

They are very affordable as you can get some for as low as 6.95! And all thier glasses come with anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, a protective case, and microfiber cleaning cloth.

The shipping is reasonable too. USA shipping for an entire order is 4.95(international is 9.95) and if your order is more than $50 the shipping is free in the US!

Zenni can do this by cutting out the middleman and having practically no advertising budget. They only manufacture and sell their own brand Zenni.

This is really great because you can spend the money you save on glasses (that you HAVE to have) on something that you WANT. The last time my husband got glasses they cost well over 200 dollars…if we known about Zenni at the time we could have spent less than half that! We could have spent that money on Christmas presents for our grand-kids.

We will know better next time. And now so will you!

Zenni Optical Prescription Eyeglasses

Zenni Optical provides cheap eyeglasses for deserving eyes. They can do this by cutting out the middlemen. They sell directly to you from their factory. They have no retail overhead, and very little advertising costs.

Zenni manufactures its own products using the most modern materials and manufacturing and marketing systems.  They do not sell brand names but only their own brand : Zenni.

They consider prescription eyeglasses to be a necessary health item for most wearers and take a great deal of pride in being able to provide their customers with a high quality product. Zenni eyeglasses are durable, safe, and comfortable.

The prices on Zenni eyeglasses are very reasonable as well.  The lowest price is $6.95 which is very affordable. And all of their glasses come with anti-scratch coating, UV protection, and a protective case. If you spend more than $50 on an order the shipping is  free.

Since glasses are also a fashion and style item they have a great many frames to choose from too. There are lots of different colors. From bright yellow to purple, green, and black. And a few with several colors or designs such as flowers on them.

The Zenni website lets you choose different colors and types of glasses to look at. So if you know you want green and plastic you can set the search to only show those. That makes it much easier to find what you want.

If you are looking to get some new cheap eyeglasses check out Zenni Optical.

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