Lord Trowbridge’s Angel By G.G. Vandagriff Review

I love historical romance. Especially regency romance. If you also like those types of stories you should love this book. It was really good. The characters are likeable and the story will keep you interested. The characters get into a bit of trouble and there is a romantic tangle to sort out as well. One … Read More

Cotillion by Georgette Heyer Review

Cotillion by Georgette Heyer Review

This is a wonderful book. I think it is my favorite of her books. I like all the characters in it even the “bad” guy. The good guy is one of her Mark II heroes. He isn’t thought of as being really smart but he turns out to be smart enough. He is a very … Read More

A Civil Contract by Georgette Heyer Review

A Civil Contract is a really good book. It is the sort of book you can read over and over. I know because I have! This was I think the 7th time I read it. I like having books like that for when I’m sick or really tired and have trouble concentrating. When you are … Read More

Are You a Georgette Heyer Fan?

If you are a Georgette Heyer fan you should go visit Laura’s Reviews. She is giving away a couple of Georgette Heyer books in honor of the Royal Wedding. Tomorrow (May 6th) is the last day to enter.   In case you don’t know…Georgette Heyer wrote a whole bunch of Regency Romance books. She also … Read More

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