Protect Yourself From Digital Pickpockets

Digital scanners can read the information on the RFID chips on your new credit cards. That’s ok if the scanner belongs to a store, or someone who is supposed to be scanning your information because you are buying something from them. The problem is the scammers, and thieves, who buy a scanner, and sit and … Read More

Proper Tire Pressure Helps Save Gas

Proper tire pressure also helps to make your car a bit safer to drive. So you need to make sure you have the right amount of air in your tires. In order to do that you need a good tire pressure gauge. This heavy duty Professional Tire Pressure Gauge from TireTek will make that much … Read More

Light Up Your Porch With Solar Power

This Solar Motion Light from Ankway is wonderful. It was easy to put up. It took my hubby less than 5 minutes to attach it to our porch. It took longer for us to decide where we wanted to put it. We couldn’t put it in our first choice of spots. The problem was either … Read More

Need A Place To Keep Your Small Valuables?

This Steel Book Diversion Safe, is a good place to keep small valuable items. The outside of this diversion safe does look like a book. If you put it on a book shelf with other books, especially other dictionaries, no one would know it wasn’t actually a book. The outside has a cloth texture, and … Read More

Stay Safer At Night With A Reflective Vest

Being out on the roads at night can be dangerous, even on city streets where there are streetlights, and people are expecting to see pedestrians. If you are out on a highway (especially out in the boonies), where people tend to drive fast, and are not expecting to see anyone on the road, it can … Read More

Reflective Vest And Ankle Bands Giveaway

The folks at MuvePro are giving my US readers a chance to win one of these reflective vest and ankle bands(read my review). This is a really nice set, that would be great for anyone that has to be outside in bad light conditions (like those folks who run/ride early in the morning). It would … Read More

Don’t Let Hackers Use Your Webcam!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Get a C-Slide Webcam cover to put on your computer so hackers can’t use it to watch you. There have been several reports in the news over the last few years about people finding out that someone had been using their webcam to spy on … Read More

Sylvania LED Motion Sensor Light

Disclosure: I bought these lights myself. The post does contain affiliate links. We live out in the boonies and it can get really dark out there especially when the moon is small or it is cloudy. Leaving a regular porch light on seems wasteful to me…it is only needed when we are leaving or coming … Read More

Earthquake and disaster preparedness

Watching the news about the earthquake in Japan got me to thinking about what would happen here in an earthquake. Japan is the worlds leader in earthquake preparedness so if they have problems…things would be really bad in other countries. Here in northeast Arkansas we are almost on top of the New Madrid fault. This … Read More

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