Protect Yourself From Digital Pickpockets

RFID Blocking Sleeves - Jungle Bling.Digital scanners can read the information on the RFID chips on your new credit cards.

That’s ok if the scanner belongs to a store, or someone who is supposed to be scanning your information because you are buying something from them.

The problem is the scammers, and thieves, who buy a scanner, and sit and wait for folks to pass by, so they can steal their information, and use it to buy things for themselves, for identity theft, or just to steal all your money.

These RFID blocking sleeves from BlockIt can help keep that from happening. Just stick your credit card in it and it blocks the scanners.

These are pretty too. I like the designs.

RFID blocking sleeves.I only have two cards with RFID chips on them, so far anyway. They fit in the sleeves with no problem.

I have not checked to make sure these sleeves actually work. I’m told you can take them to a store, and use the scanners to see for yourself. I haven’t done that because I don’t carry the cards with me usually, as we are trying not to use them at all these days, and we live so far from town. And of course I keep forgetting.

I figure it can’t hurt to have something like that though. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Proper Tire Pressure Helps Save Gas

TireTek Pressure Gauge.Proper tire pressure also helps to make your car a bit safer to drive. So you need to make sure you have the right amount of air in your tires.

In order to do that you need a good tire pressure gauge.

This heavy duty Professional Tire Pressure Gauge from TireTek will make that much easier.

It has a long flexible tube so it is easier to get it on the valve stem. You can get this gauge on there without any contortions at all.

My husband loves this thing. He took it out of the box as soon as it got here, and went out to check the air in my tires.

My husband using his new TireTek air pressure gauge on my car.The front tires all needed air, and he put air in them, using the TireTek gauge to check and make sure there was enough air.

He then informed me that he was gonna keep the new gauge in his truck. So I still don’t have one of my own. Yet.

This is a really nice product. It is well made and has a big face that is easy to see.

TireTek Air Pressure Gauge close up.The box says the display dial is 2″. It has the rubber around it to protect it from getting banged up, which is a good thing, because my husbands stuff tends to get a workout.

The box also says that all TireTek products are made to meet the ANSI B40.1 Grade B accuracy standard, and are 100% tested and approved, and can be found worldwide. It has a measurement range of 0-60 PSI, and has an integrated bleed button.

I really liked this tire pressure gauge. Too bad I didn’t get to keep it. On the other hand, now my husband has no excuse for not keeping my tires properly inflated for me. So I won’t have to do it myself. I’m cool with that.

I received a free or discounted product to review. #FlexiPro #spons

Light Up Your Porch With Solar Power

Solar Power Motion Light from Ankway.This Solar Motion Light from Ankway is wonderful.

It was easy to put up. It took my hubby less than 5 minutes to attach it to our porch. It took longer for us to decide where we wanted to put it.

We couldn’t put it in our first choice of spots. The problem was either a tree in the way, or the roof would block the sun part of the day. So we had to find a spot that would light the area we needed lighted, and get enough sun to keep the light working.

We ended up putting it on the “front” of the porch, instead of the end. It gets plenty of sun there (in the summer anyway), and it lights up the walkway and the porch.

Solar motion light from Ankway lighting up our porch.The picture shows the regular “dim” setting.

If someone walks up to the porch the light brightens for a few seconds. Or if one of us goes out the door onto the porch, it brightens. We placed the light so that it detects motion from anything coming up to the steps. That is the dangerous area.

I really like this solar motion light. I checked at 2 am once and the light was still working, so right now it is getting enough sun to stay on at least 5 hours.  The product description says the light will provide up to 3 days of non-continuous illumination on a single charge, so I expect it does work all night.

It might not stay on so long in the winter though. We get a of of sunless days here then and it might not stay charged up. We will have to see.

The motion light is not permanently attached either. You can lift it off, and carry it somewhere, and then put it back. So if you need to go out to the end of the yard, or into the shed, and forgot your flashlight, you can grab the solar light (assuming you can reach it).

It comes with a 12 month warranty.

I really like having this light on our porch. We don’t have to worry about whether we forgot to turn the porch light on now. This light is plenty to see where we are going, see to unlock the door, and see if someone comes up on the porch at night.

You can buy yourself one of these solar power lights on

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Need A Place To Keep Your Small Valuables?

Steel Book Diversion Safe.This Steel Book Diversion Safe, is a good place to keep small valuable items.

The outside of this diversion safe does look like a book.

Book Safe Cover.If you put it on a book shelf with other books, especially other dictionaries, no one would know it wasn’t actually a book. The outside has a cloth texture, and the pages look pretty realistic too.

If you don’t know it is there, and what it looks like you would never notice it.

The steel safe inside the book cover is lockable, and comes with two keys.  If you have things you don’t want your kids being able to get to, you could lock them inside.

Even if they knew you had the safe, they would not be able to get into it without braking it.

Or get one for your kids to hide their stuff. Since it has two keys, you can keep one, in case you want to make sure they are not hiding anything dangerous.

This is a great way to keep things on a boat, or in an RV when you are vacation.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Stay Safer At Night With A Reflective Vest

Reflective Vest from MuvePro.Being out on the roads at night can be dangerous, even on city streets where there are streetlights, and people are expecting to see pedestrians.

If you are out on a highway (especially out in the boonies), where people tend to drive fast, and are not expecting to see anyone on the road, it can be really dangerous.

Places where there are a lot of hills and curves are really bad. Of course in some cases wearing a reflective vest wouldn’t help much, because even if they see you, they won’t have time to react. That doesn’t really happen all that often however, and I for one, would prefer to have as much in my favor as possible.

So if you are out at night you need to make sure that you can be easily seen. That is true if you are walking, biking, or just having to change a tire.  One of my friends from school got hit by a car while changing a tire.

I wanted this Reflective Vest from MuvePro for my husband because he is out and about at night a lot. He is also out near where there are people hunting during the season, and he needs to makes sure the hunters don’t mistake him for a deer or something.

This vest is adjustable so it would fit most people. It fit my hubs just fine.

My husband wearing the MuvePro Reflective Vest.Do you are someone you know spend a lot of time outside at night? Do you have a safety vest?

I received a free item to review.

Reflective Vest And Ankle Bands Giveaway

Reflective Vest and Ankle Bands from MuvePro.The folks at MuvePro are giving my US readers a chance to win one of these reflective vest and ankle bands(read my review).

This is a really nice set, that would be great for anyone that has to be outside in bad light conditions (like those folks who run/ride early in the morning).

It would be good for people going hiking/hunting, or if you have to change a tire on the side of the road at night.

Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US entrants only, the winner will be emailed and will have 24 hours to reply. Ends March 10th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t Let Hackers Use Your Webcam!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Get a C-Slide Webcam cover to put on your computer so hackers can’t use it to watch you.

Promo picture of a C-slide webcam cover.There have been several reports in the news over the last few years about people finding out that someone had been using their webcam to spy on them.

With desktop computers that wasn’t much of an issue because the computer didn’t come with a camera already installed (usually) and if you did have a camera it was mostly focused on the area right in front of the desk. Which meant that if anyone did use it they probably didn’t see much.

On laptops and tablets (and other portable computers) there is more of a problem.

After all some folks even carry the computer into the bathroom with them. Or use them in the bedroom.

You might have your computer in the bedroom finishing up something while you are getting ready to go out at night…and if the camera is on folks could watch you change clothes and do your make-up (and yell at the dog for getting in the way).

There have been a few instances of people using webcams to see what their significant others were up to.  Most of those relationships didn’t last.

If you want to make sure no one can spy on you with your OWN webcam…then you have to cover it up. I was using a folded piece of paper myself but it kept blowing off. So this webcam cover is really nice to have.

C-slide webcam cover in white.I put mine on my laptop as soon as I got it. It fits right over the camera and you can slide the cover open or closed.

C-slide camera cover on my laptop.The back is sticky and you just stick it on there.  My laptop is black so the one I have is black. You can get them in other colors (white and silver at least). And they even have a version that has a mirror on it!

These fit on other things besides computers too.  They fit on the Kinect, PS4, Smart Phones, and tablets/ipads.

You can get them shipped to you free in the U.S.A otherwise they ship using USPS Priority Mail and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you are unhappy with your purchase they will send you another unit or a full refund.

You can purchase on C-Slide, Ebay, Open Sky, Etsy, and Amazon.

For more information visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sylvania LED Motion Sensor Light

Disclosure: I bought these lights myself. The post does contain affiliate links.

Package ofLED Night Light with motion sensor.We live out in the boonies and it can get really dark out there especially when the moon is small or it is cloudy. Leaving a regular porch light on seems wasteful to me…it is only needed when we are leaving or coming home.

So I went looking for some motion sensor lights.

I checked a lot of different places including hardware stores, discount stores, and lumber stores.

There are a lot of motion sensor light systems out there. Many of them you have to hook up to the wiring. Some of them are BIG.

We didn’t really need anything big. Just enough light to see where to put our feet and be able to find the keyhole in the door.

So I ended up buying some of these LED Night Lights at

I like them because they are portable. You can pretty much stick them anywhere (they come with a magnet and a sticker to put the magnet on a wall) and take them off the magnet if you need to carry it with you. Then when you get back just stick it back on the magnet.

They have motion sensors so they only come on when something or someone moves in the area the sensor covers. Which means they don’t stay on all the time. You can set them to stay on for 10 seconds or 60 seconds at a time. You can also just turn them on and they stay on till you set them back on auto.

These lights also have an auto on feature too so they won’t come on unless it is dark outside. So it doesn’t waste electricity(or battery life in this case).

They put out plenty of light too. We have two of them on our carport and one on the porch. The one on the porch is on the top of the door.

A picture of an LED motion sensor night light on my door.It comes on when you get close to the door so you can see the porch and the door locks easy.

And no one can come up on the porch at night without it coming on which is nice too.

I really like these little lights. They do need to be used under a roof. Rain/snow isn’t good for them. They work well anywhere you need some light and don’t want to have a light on all the time.

Earthquake and disaster preparedness

Edited on 12/21/2017 – Because there have been a few more earthquakes since this was written as well as several other disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and tornado.  You need to be prepared.

Watching the news about the earthquake in Japan got me to thinking about what would happen here in an earthquake. Japan is the worlds leader in earthquake preparedness so if they have problems…things would be really bad in other countries.

Here in northeast Arkansas we are almost on top of the New Madrid fault. This area is where the worst earthquake to hit the eastern US happened back in the early 1800s. We have been told for years that another big quake could hit this area and that it would do a whole lot of damage this time because the population is much higher now.

I decided to some more reading on disaster preparedness. FEMA has a website with a preparation guide for disaster planning. There is also a website called 72 hours that has a lot of good information for disaster planning.

If you own a business you should also check into what needs to be done to make sure your business survives an emergency. Comparitech has a great article about making disaster recovery plans for businesses.  If you don’t already have such a plan you should get on that. Before you need it.

This is something everyone should do even if you don’t live on a fault line…there are plenty of other kinds of disasters that could hit you.  Tornados, fires, and floods happen pretty often in the US and there are others less likely but possible.

In my case most of the items needed are already available. We do need to have more water stored though. That has been put on my shopping list. How about you?

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