Citadel By John Ringo Review

Citadel By John Ringo Review

Citadel was a very good read. The story flows really fast too. I got into it and forgot about other stuff while I was reading. I love books like that.

This is the sequel to Live Free Or Die. In this book earth has gotten free of the aliens that first invaded and dropped rocks on the cities. They have made friends and set up trade with the Glatun. The Glatun are invaded by a warlike species named the Rangora. The Rangora are also determined to destroy the dangerous Humans.

The battle station called Troy is only partially finished. They have some bombs and some lasers. Will it be enough? Read the book and find out!

John Ringo has written many other books as well. You can find a list and more information about him on his website here.

Live Free Or Die by John Ringo

“Of all the warriors of the world
Those of Troy were the most fell
They were those born of Winter.”

This is a quote from Live Free of Die by John Ringo. I really like the way Ringo takes bits of folklore and history and adds them to his stories. He knows his history and folklore really well too. And the battles! I don’t know much about such things but they seem realistic to me. This was a really good read. It started out exciting and pretty much stayed that way. Great story!

The story is that earth has been invaded by aliens. They have dropped rocks on some cities and are demanding all of our metals. At first Earth has nothing to trade that any of the aliens want. Then one man, Tyler Vernon, finds something to trade. The question is: can he keep it long enough to do any good? And what exactly should he do anyway? Is there any way to defend earth against these aliens?

Read the book! It is worth it. Great read.

Oh and I found a video on YouTube that any Ringo fans might want to watch. It is Winter Born. Actually even if you never heard of John Ringo before you might want to watch the video. It is really well done. Nice song too.

A Dogs Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron Review

A Dogs Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron Review

A Dog’s Purpose is a truly wonderful book. I fell in love with this dog. I cried a couple of times while reading. It reminded me of all the wonderful dogs I have had in my life. And it helped me remember just WHY dogs are such lovable, magnificent creatures. It is because they love us so much and are amazingly loyal. And of course they have fur.

I think every dog lover should read this. Actually everyone should read this…loving dogs is not required. The book is a good read regardless.

From the front cover flap: All dogs go to heaven…unless they have unfinished business here on Earth.

This is the remarkable story of one endearing dog’s search for his purpose over the course of several lives. More than just another dog story, A Dog’s Purpose touches on the universal quest for an answer to life’s most basic question: Why are we here?

From the back cover flap: W. Bruce Cameron is the New York Times bestselling author of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: And Other Tips from a Beleaguered Father (Not That Any of Them Work), which was turned into the hit television series. He has twice been voted the #1 best humor columnist by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, and his nationally syndicated column is read by more than three million readers every week. He lives in California. Visit him in the Web at and

Oh and this book came from the local library. Which sort of sucks because it means I have to take it back. On the other hand that is good because I can always go check it out again later.

Book Review : Lady-Protector by L.E. Modesitt, Jr

I saw Lady-Protector by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. at the library and had to check it out. It is the latest book in the Corean Chronicles. There were seven others before this.

The world of Corus has a funny sort of magic that was used by the Ancient peoples that are native to it. It can only be used by certain talented humans and what is left of the Ancients.

Corus was invaded by a group of selfish and extremely arrogant aliens who travel between worlds. They use a worlds life force for making and building things. When it is all used up and everything is dead…they move on to another world.

The Ancients and some talented humans have kicked them off the world in the past. They are trying to come back. One human – the current Lady Protector is trying to stop them. She is also having to deal with an invasion by another country and traitors in her own country. This is part of her story.

This is a really good book. All the books in this series have been good. I also like many of Modesitts other books. Particularly the Recluce books and the Imager series.

Finished Reading The Wheel Of Time Books

I finally finished reading the last of The Wheel of Time books. Book number 13 The Towers of Midnight. It took me a long time to read them all- three whole months! I have read most of them several times. The last two I have now read twice. They are wonderful books. They would make some danged good movies if done right.

I like most of the characters…especially Mat. He is my sort of guy. Perrin is pretty cool too. Nyneave I really like…she seems a lot like me. Egwene irritated me this time though. She seems to think she knows everything even after it has been proven to her that she doesn’t(she almost died once). I was wanting to tell her off a couple of times. But even with that I still liked the books. I will be buying the next(and last) one as soon as it is out…maybe even pre-ordering it if I have the money when the time comes. Then I will have the whole set!

I will now pick through the stack of books I have won and bought(at flea markets) lately and start reading something else. I need to do some reviews of the books in my giveaway first.  I have also fallen behind in my contest entries because of reading so much…I was spending much of my free time on those books. Now I can catch up on all the giveaways out there!

I also have a review of some cleaning products to do. I did some work on that today. Not too much but some. I took pictures. A few of them actually turned out good. I think there is something wrong with that old camera. Many pictures were blurry and when I put them on the computer I got corrupted file warnings. I will make do. Hopefully I will have that review up in a couple of days. For now, I’m going to rest. And check my email. My box is full again. Fun.

David Webers Out of the Dark is a good book

David Webers Out of the Dark is a good book

David Webers Out of the Dark is a wonderful book. I didn’t think so at first. In fact a bit over halfway through it I was getting upset because it looked as if there was no way at all that the earth was going to survive. They have been invaded by aliens with  a superior technology. Then he comes out with a huge surprise. Something completely unexpected. It was a great way to end the story. You should read it!!

You can get a copy of Out of the Dark at Barnes and Noble.

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