21 Days To Happiness By Ingrid Kelada

21 Days to Happiness by Ingrid Kelada.This book has some wonderful tips for becoming happier. Each one is backed up by lots of information from research, and each includes links to where you can find more information if you want to.

My favorite tip was to get enough sleep. I have been working on that one for a long time, way before reading this book. Because I do NOT function well at all if I don’t get enough sleep. I like winter because I can go to bed at 7:30 or so and get up early and I sleep really well. Summer is harder because of the days being longer.

Some of the other tips are to be grateful, to laugh more, to get outside more, to be kind, to eat properly, manage your time, and have good relationships. Each has several different things you can do. she recommends picking two or three to start with.

That time management thing is a really good one. Gave me some more ideas for how to get everything done, that really NEEDS to get done.

I liked this book and I am going to try a few of the things that I wasn’t already doing. There were a few ideas to help with the things I was already doing.

If you want to be happier, read this book, practice at least a few of the tips, and in a few weeks you will be a happier person.

Got to actually do the things. Just reading might help some, but it won’t help much.

 About the book:

Struggling to find work-life balance? Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or just want to increase your happiness, you can learn how in just 10 minutes a day!

For some of us, feeling busy or stressed has become the new normal. Others feel okay, but just want a boost to productivity, energy and motivation.

Instead of hoping for happiness, what if happiness is something you DO, something you CHOOSE every day? The good news: it is and the solutions are simple.

Psychologist and happiness expert Ingrid Kelada provides a practical, step-by-step guide to help you increase your personal happiness and feel more motivated. You can learn how with simple 10-minute strategies. Each day of the 21-day journey focuses on one key area of your life, including:

Time: how to break the cycle of chaos and manage your time effectively.
Body Language: exploring the surprising links between body language and happiness.
Relationships: how to make the most of the number one predictor of happiness.
Work: how to use your strengths and talents so that you are engaged and motivated.
Money: what you should spend your money on to feel most satisfied.

The book is interactive. Each chapter features resources like apps to try, videos to watch for deeper understanding, or tools to help you master these new habits. At the end of three weeks, along with increased happiness, you’ll find you’ve become more:

• productive
• focused
• patient
• energetic
• healthy
• motivated
• positive

Happiness is a choice. A daily decision to choose happy can be easy, fun and rewarding. With this book, in just a few minutes per day, you can practice one new happiness habit, add resources to your arsenal, and jot down your notes in the journal section.

Buy 21 Days to Happiness today to create a happier more satisfying life.

About the author:

Ingrid Kelada

Ms. Ingrid Kelada is an experienced psychologist and happiness expert. She is a speaker and has facilitated over 1000 workshops all over the world. People find her to be pragmatic, inspiring and funny! She has an online personality questionnaire store to help people identify their talents and interests. With over 25 years experience, she offers her expertise to a wide range of clients. She is bilingual and a member of the professional association of Psychologists of Quebec. Visit her online at www.keladacc.ca

                                                   Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ LinkedIn ~ Instagram

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Overwhelmed Writer Rescue By Colleen M. Story

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue by Colleen M. Story.

This is a wonderful book for writers! Any kind of writer. Doesn’t matter if you write books, essays, blog posts, newspaper articles, or just letters. This book can help you get it done.

Many of the suggestions in this book will work just as well for other crafty people.

The  author wants to help you find time for whatever it is you want to do. It written to people who want to find time for writing, and set goals for writing, but it will work for other things.

I liked the bit about time perception. She has a link to a site where you can take a test to find out just how you perceive time. It seems that can make a big difference. I took it. Seems I’m a bit hedonistic, who would have known? Pretty neat test.

The books has tips for focusing faster, saying no, tricking yourself into getting started, and ways to not get too tired.

Lots of good stuff! Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do more writing.

Book Details:

Book Title: Overwhelmed Writer Rescue: Boost Productivity, Improve Time Management, and Replenish the Creator Within
Author: Colleen M. Story
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 280 pages
Genre: Self-help
Publisher: Midchannel Press
Release date: Sept 3, 2017
Tour dates: Sept 4 to 15, 2017
Content Rating: G

Book Description:


Do you feel like you’re always behind? Do less important tasks frequently flood your schedule and sink your creative motivation? Are you frustrated and out of touch with your inner artist?

After 20 years experience in the writing industry, author Colleen M. Story extends a lifeline to pull you out of the sinking swamp of “busyness” and back into the flourishing creative life you deserve.

Today’s demands on writers and other creative artists are overwhelming. Not only must you produce the work you love, but build and maintain a platform and market your finished products to the world—all while holding down a day job and/or caring for a family.

You teeter on the edge. What waits on the other side are burnout, exhaustion, and a complete loss of creative motivation.

“Overwhelmed Writer Rescue” provides practical, personalized solutions to help beginning and experienced writers and other creative artists escape the tyranny of the to-do list to nurture the genius within. You’ll find ways to boost productivity, improve time management, and restore your sanity while gaining insight into your unique creative nature and what it needs to thrive.

Ultimately, you’ll discover what may be holding you back from experiencing the true joy that a creative life can bring.

To read reviews, please visit Colleen M. Story’s page on iRead Book Tours.

Buy the Book:



About the Author:

Colleen M. Story has worked in the creative writing industry for over twenty years. Her novels include “Loreena’s Gift,” an Idaho Author Awards first place winner, New Apple Solo Medalist winner, Foreword Reviews INDIES Book of the Year Awards winner, Reader Views award finalist, and Best Book Awards finalist; and “Rise of the Sidenah,” a North American Book Awards winner and New Apple Book Awards Official Selection.

As a health writer, she’s authored thousands of articles for publications like “Healthline” and “Women’s Health;” worked with high-profile clients like Gerber Baby Products and Kellogg’s; and ghostwritten books on back pain, nutrition, and cancer recovery. She finds most rewarding her work as a motivational speaker and workshop leader, where she helps writers remove mental and emotional blocks and tap into their unique creative powers.

Colleen is the founder of Writing and Wellness (writingandwellness.com), a motivational site helping writers and other creative artists maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being throughout their careers. Sign up for your free weekly email containing tips for living your best creative life at: www.writingandwellness/newsletter.

To find more information on Colleen and her work, please see her website or follow her on Twitter. She loves to hear from readers—feel free to use the “contact” form on either her website or Writing and Wellness to get in touch with her.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter

Author Interview:

In your book you make reference to time perspective, and how it’s a personality characteristic, just like being an extrovert or introvert. How did you come up with this idea?

I was doing some research and came across a study by a Stanford University professor named Philip Zimbardo. He found that attitude toward time is a personality trait, and defined three basic types:

Past Oriented
Present Oriented
Future Oriented

We all have some characteristics of each, but tend to favor one more than the others. Past people prefer to focus on the past rather than the present or future, and base their decisions on past experiences, as it’s difficult to imagine things being different.

Present people live in the moment, and do everything they can to make that moment enjoyable. Future people are all about creating a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

That’s a very brief overview, and I go into it much more deeply in Overwhelmed Writer Rescue, but the point is that once we determine our unique time perspective, we can use it to become more productive and to more successfully fit our creative work into our busy lives.

In your book you state that dreaming of the perfect writing life can actually stop you from getting it. Why is that?

Most creative people would love to ditch the day job and create to their hearts’ content. They have a picture of the ideal writing (or painting or other) situation, and odds are it is a lot different from the lives they’re currently living.

Dreaming is fine… unless it stops you from progressing, and unfortunately, it often does. When we compare the dream we have to reality, we can get discouraged to the point that we don’t work with the life we have.

The truth is that there will never be a time when everything in our lives is done, set, and perfectly in order, and we can just sit back, relax, and do what we want to do. That means we must make the lives we have now work for us, creatively.

Time management skills, especially in today’s fast-paced world, are critically important in accomplishing this. The good news is that these skills are easy to learn, and they can be applied again and again, even as your life evolves, so you can always make room for what matters to you.

What is one thing that you think is making it more difficult today for creative people to get time on their projects?

I’d say distraction is the main thing messing us up right now. We have so many things vying for our attention that we have to be more disciplined and self-directed than ever before to be sure that our time isn’t soaked up on a Facebook feed or YouTube page.

We are exposed to more data and information today than we have ever been in the entire history of the human race. By some estimates, we spend more hours consuming media than we do sleeping!

A Pew Research Center report stated: “There is more information flowing into people’s lives now than ever—much of it distressing and challenging. There are more possibilities for interruptions and distractions….These technologies are said to take over people’s lives, creating time and social pressures that put people at risk for the negative physical and psychological health effects that can result from stress.”

Unfortunately, there are no instructions as to how to manage all this. We have to seek out solutions ourselves. I give readers several options for how to manage these things in Overwhelmed Writer Rescue, so that they can feel less stressed out and more in charge of how they’re spending their time.

Do you have another profession besides writing?

I’m a full-time freelance health writer by day, and a novelist by night, but I’m not always at the computer (just most of the time!). I’m also a musician, and play French horn in several area symphonies and pit orchestras. I also teach private lessons to students of all ages.

Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it?

Some writers say there’s no such thing as writer’s block, but I have definitely experienced it, at least when working on a fictional story.

I talk about one experience I had in Overwhelmed Writer Rescue, where I was blocked on a novel. I tried a lot of things to fix it, but only when I took some time away did I figure out what the real issue was.

I use this experience to help other writers find solutions that are more unique and individual to them. Sometimes the standard advice to work on plot or characterization just doesn’t work, and you have to figure out your own creative mind. I’ve got tips to help readers do that.

Boost productivity, improve time management, and restore your sanity while gaining insight into your unique creative nature and what it needs to thrive. Find practical, personalized solutions to help you escape the tyranny of the to-do list to nurture the genius within in Overwhelmed Writer Rescue, available today at Amazon and all major book retailers. Enjoy your FREE chapter here!

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Journeys End Spotlight Tour


Book Details:

Book Title: Journey’s End: Death, Dying and the End of Life
Authors: Victoria Brewster & Julie Saeger Nierenberg
​Category: Adult Non-Fiction; 558 pages
​Genre: Resource/Educational
Publisher: Xlibris
Release date: July 20, 2017
Tour dates: Sept 4 to 22, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 + M


Book Description:

In Journey’s End, we write about death, dying, and end of life issues. We attempt to define and describe these real-life circumstances, and we discuss ways to proactively deal with them. Multiple personal and professional perspectives provide valuable insights.

What is dying like for dying persons, for loved ones, and for those who lend support in the process? Each experience will have unique qualities. Everyone dies in his own way, on his own schedule. While we explore the dying process, we make no assumptions about how any particular death will unfold.

Grief and bereavement support, training tools, and educational resources are included.


What made you write a book about death, dying, and the end of life?

Julie and I have been exposed to death through personal and professional experiences and we realized that many people shy away from the topic and even fear it. The word ‘death’ scares people. But we realized, death is part of the life cycle. “To be born, we will die.” As far as we know, there is not away to escape reality.

Do you have other professions besides writing?

Victoria is a social worker and case manger with seniors for the past 17 years. She just launched a business called NorthernMSW which will focus on raising awareness, education, and trainings for professionals and non-professionals along with facilitating discussion groups on the topics of death and dying. www.NorthernMSW.com

Julie has her own business called Create Write Enterprises where she assists with writing, editing and coaching for personal or business projects- (http://www.createwriteenterprises.com/)

How long have you been writing?

Victoria- I have been writing since I was a child; poetry, short stories and the beginning of a book when I was a teenager.

In university, I was required to have a miner as well as a major and I chose English.

Julie- Starting in Grade 1 or 2. Poetry, journaling, fiction, non-fiction, then teachiner of writing. 55 years in all!

What is your next project?

We are at work on book 2 as we call it currently. This book will also focus on death, dying, and the end of life, but from the perspectives of culture, ethnicity, and religion. We are aiming for a summer 2018 publication. Out of the 28 perspectives we are seeking for this book, we already have 13 committed individuals. It will cover the major religions of the world along with various ethnic and cultural perspectives.

Favorite Dessert-

Victoria- brownies or fruit

Julie- Dark chocolate anything

Meet the Authors:

Victoria has a master of social work degree. She has worked as a case manager with older adults for the past seventeen years and as a group facilitator. Her past work experience was as a therapist with children and families, and as a case manager for adults with mental health issues. She just launched a consulting business, NorthernMSW to focus on end of life issues, planning, training, and advocacy, along with memoir writing and life legacy writing.

Julie was inspired equally by her professional backgrounds as a biomedical researcher and long time educator. Julie values open and lively discussions based on interview and research findings, trends in health and wellness, and exciting new modalities of treatment and professional education. She believes it will be through such discussions that we will create new and more satisfying cultural paradigms within which we may live all the days of our lives with dignity and quality of care.

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Good Advice From Doctors Who Are Moms

Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great.The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great is a really wonderful and helpful book.

The best thing about it is that it has tips from Doctors who are also Mothers.

These are the things those women do themselves to lose weight and stay healthy, and feel great.

Since they actually made it through medical school (which isn’t easy), and practiced medicine (which also isn’t easy), and are raising kids (which REALLY isn’t easy), they are probably the absolute best people to be getting health advice and tips from.

This book contains more than 700 tips from those women.

I haven’t read all of them yet. It is going to take me a while. This is a thick book(447 pages).

It also contains some recipes,  some sample food logs, and advice on how to figure out what your style is and what looks best on you.

I think every woman could learn quite a bit from this book.

Some might want to read The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, and the Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years.

Please visit the Mommy MD Guides website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I received a free book to review.

Christ Kitchen: Loving Women Out Of Poverty By Jan Martinez

Cover of Christ Kitchen by Jan Martinez.Christ Kitchen: Loving Women Out Of Poverty by Jan Martinez is about the job training program started by the author in Spokane, WA.

It is also a bible study of the Samaritan woman. She compares some of the poor women she meets at the training program to the Samaritan woman.

The author says we can learn a lot, from this tutorial, about how to interact with people who are different from us, no matter what the differences are (financial, cultural, racial, national).

Anyone who is thinking about mentoring others (or ministering) could learn a lot from reading this. Especially if you are thinking about starting a job-training micro-enterprise of your own.

This is a really good book. At first I didn’t think it would apply to me too much because it is about people in a large city. Larger than any of the places near me (the largest place near me is only 67,000) anyway.

But after thinking about it, I realized there will be poor people no matter where you go. We do in fact have a “bad” side of town, and there are homeless shelters in both the big towns close to me.

So doing something like Christ Kitchen here would probably be really good. Not just for the people it helps but for the community. Something to think about for sure.

About the book:

“I awoke with a knife at my neck and the palpable pounding of a rapist’s heartbeat on my chest.” So begins Christ Kitchen—a story about redemption and healing based on the experience that molds the author’s life, brings her to faith, and fans a passion to help other desperate women living in poverty.

Jan Martinez tells a compelling story of women living in poverty in America, demystifying the baffling complexities of poverty, and providing thoughtful solutions suited to individuals or groups. The book provides a practical, replicable example for overcoming poverty through Christ-based mentoring and employment at Christ Kitchen, a job-training ministry to low-income women.

Based on the mentoring approach Jesus uses with the Samaritan woman at the well, the book exposes God’s heart for the poor and equips us to share his message and our lives with women who never find their way to church. Masterfully, he shows us how to talk with society’s outcasts and love them into the Kingdom. With equal mercy, the Lord shows us the way to finding our true selves through service to the “least of these.”

Through insightful, personal stories of women from the street struggling to change their lives and women from church communities struggling to walk beside them, Christ  Kitchen provides a mentored path for both to transcend barriers of class, race, and opportunity to form healing, faithful relationships.

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Deep River Books (September 5, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1937756920
ISBN-13: 978-1937756925

Promo Picture of author  Jan Martinez. About the author:

With Master’s degrees in public health and counseling, Jan Martinez founded a job-training project called Christ Kitchen, which attracts low-income women to work.  Through the production and sales of gourmet dried food products and catered meals, this project enables women to learn to work, to become employable and, eventually, to support themselves and their families without reliance on government programs or destructive relationships.

Christ Kitchen recognizes the myriad of issues making employment and self-sufficiency difficult for women in poverty. They offer a work setting in which any willing woman can gain skills and competencies which in turn improve their confidence and self-image. Helping low-income women learn the love of Christ and achieve emotional and mental stability as they become self-reliant, stable workers and citizens, is the goal or our growing community.

Recognized for her countless hours of serving others, Jan has received awards such as the Sister Peter Claver Award (2010) reflecting the mission, compassion quality, and commitment of service and leadership from the Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital; Person of Excellence (2006) by the Spokesman Review; Helen Hamilton Peacemaking Award (2006) from the Presbyterian Synod of Alaska-Northwest; Governor’s Recognition Award (2003) for commitment to the excellence of the human spirit; and the Spirit of the Daughter’s Award (2003) by the Jonas Babcock Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

Jan received a Doctorate in Ministry researching discipleship with the poor and is an adjunct professor at Whitworth University. She is married to Felix Martinez, a physician, and they have two beautiful children, Jake and Rose, both adopted as babies from Korea. They’ve served in medical missions in Kenya, Nepal and Vietnam and go fly fishing together every chance they get.


Visit the Christ Kitchen website for more information or to make a donation. You can buy a copy of the book there too.

I received a free book to review from Tell Us The Truth Reviews. My opinion is 100% my own.

Tried Everything To Quit Smoking?

Have you tried Quit Tea? Picture of a box of Quit Tea.

Just about every resource you can find about quitting smoking will tell you that in order to quit you need to replace the bad habit of smoking with another habit. Hopefully a good habit. Like drinking herbal tea :)

It is possible to quit smoking without changing to a good habit…but it is a lot harder and usually takes longer.

What you do is….every time you have the urge to smoke…you drink some herbal tea instead. So you are actually doing something.

Many people say a big part of the smoking habit is the actions involved…the taking it out, lighting it up, inhaling….that occupy your attention and become so routine that you don’t even notice doing them sometimes.

Just stopping takes away the activity…but if you don’t replace it with another activity…you will catch yourself doing the actions without thinking about them….and might just end up smoking again before you even realize it is happening.

That is why replacing the habit with a good habit can be so helpful.

Quit Tea is made of herbs and spices that help you relax and help reduce anxiety and nervousness.

Some of the ingredients are : Valerian Root, Sarsaparilla, St. John’s Wort, Red Clover, Licorice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Burdock, Cloves, Oregano, Fennel, Cayenne Pepper, and Black Pepper.

If you have tried everything else…well trying this tea certainly isn’t going to hurt and it is cheaper than many other smoking cessation aids. And even if it doesn’t help you…it is still good for you!

The folks at Quit Tea are going to be offering one of my readers(US only) the chance to win 2 boxes of Quit Tea, a book called “Quit Smoking with Herbal Tea” and a Quit Tea tumbler.

Quit Tea Tumbler.Be sure and stop by on Monday the 21st to  enter the Summer Heat Giveaway Hop. If you want to get a head start on entries you can follow their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They are also on Google+ and you can find links to their other social media sites on their website.

Nip It By Kristen Fredricks And Jeanie Wade

Cover picture of Nip It by Kristen Fredricks and Jeanie Wade.Nip It: Stop Negativity Moment by Moment by Kristen Fredricks and Jeanie Wade has a lot of good advice in it.

The authors tell you how to recognize negative moments(and people) and give you lots of tips and techniques that will help you learn to turn them from negative to positive moments.

And if you can’t manage to make it positive (some things just are NOT) you can still learn to deal with it better. Maybe.

It does take practice and you have to keep at it.

The authors actually make it sound easy. It isn’t easy. Not for me anyway. However – if/when you manage to do it…it can make life a lot happier.

I’m still working on it. I have managed to get myself to pause(mostly) – so I have a chance to ACT instead of REACT. You wouldn’t think that could make such a huge difference…but it does.

You are gonna have to try it yourself though. You won’t really believe it till you try it.

Go on. You will like it. Really! I do.

About the book:

Every person’s life has room for more positivity, and positivity is always your choice. The personal stories and real-life situations in Nip It challenge you to see your life as a series of individual moments over which you have control. Then you can choose to “nip” the negative moments and turn them into something more positive.

The authors provide hints and tips to help you recognize the negative situations you encounter, find ways to change their impact, and help you shift the outcomes from negative to positive. By the end of the book, you will have a toolset that will allow you to act rather than react when faced with a negative moment. When you apply the techniques that are outlined, you can begin to experience more positive life moments. And with practice, you’ll find that your positive moments turn into positive hours, then positive days, weeks, and months, which can lead to an overall life of greater positivity.

About the Authors:

Promo picture of author Kristen Fredricks.

Kris Fredricks has more than twenty years experience guiding groups to enhanced teamwork and more effective performance. She uses her naturally optimistic attitude to help others create a positive vision for how they will work together more effectively. Her natural enthusiasm is contagious.




Promotional picture of author Jeanie Wade.


Jeanie Wade has spent more than thirty years leading teams and understands how one negative team member can impact an entire team. She, like many people, is not a naturally positive person, so she enjoys sharing her insights on how practicing positivity every day can change your life.


Visit the What’s Your Spective? on Facebook (be sure and “like” it while you are there!) and check out their website.

Fit Moms for Life Giveaway

Fit Moms For Life

I’m giving away a used paperback copy of Fit Moms for Life by Dustin Maher.

This is the copy that I got to review way back when(2011). It is in good shape(bottom corner of the cover is bent a bit) and perfectly readable.

This is only open to folks in the U.S. as I will have to ship the book myself.

Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below.

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Crafting Calm By Maggie Oman Shannnon Review

Cover of Crafting Calm by Maggie  Oman Shannon.Crafting Calm :Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation by Maggie Oman Shannon is all about ways to relax and be calm by crafting things.

I’m not a really crafty person myself and most of the crafts didn’t really appeal to me but I do like to crochet and making something can be incredibly relaxing. Especially if it is something for someone else.

Not only do you get the relaxation of concentrating on something but you get the pleasure of giving it to someone who needs it.

In this book you find recipes for crafting items such as anointing oils, blessing baskets (I really liked this one!), prayer mats, tray sand gardens, and many others.

Each one also usually has a story associated with it as well as suggestions on how to make the process more meaningful for you.

About the book (from the back cover) :

Craft Your Way To Inner Peace

In this wild and wired world, it is increasingly difficult to truly relax and find the stillness within. Maggie Oman Shannon’s Crafting Callm is a DIY guide to peace of mind, offering an abundance of ways you can achieve serenity and satisfaction by living the handmade life. Author Oman Shannon, the spiritual director of a Unity Church, explores crafts and creativity as a lifelong practice with enormous physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. And by knitting love and hope into every stitch, handicrafts help form new friendships and community. From making a desktop shrine or mini-Zen garden, to stringing intention beads and painting personal prayer flags, Crafting Calm is an essential tool for making mindfulness.

About the Author :

Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, M.A., is an interfaith minister, spiritual director, workshop and retreat facilitator, and author of five books, including Prayers for Healing and A String and a Prayer: How to Make and Use Prayer Beads. In 2000, Maggie Oman Shannon founded The New Story, a coaching and consulting business focused on helping people create deeper meaning in their lives. Shannon currently has the honor of serving as Spiritual Director of Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco.

Rev. Shannon can be found on Facebook.

This book is published by Viva Editions as are several other great books I have reviewed including Word Catcher Girlfriends Forever, The Frugal Foodie Cookbook, Use Your Words, The Gratitude Power Workbook, The Lazy Gourmet, and Lemons And Lavender.


I received a free book to review.

Hacking Kickstarter, Indiegogo By Patrice Williams Marks Review

Hacking Kickstarter, Indiegogo: How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days! Secrets to Running a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign on a Budget was easy to read and has a lot of information in it.

I learned a few things. For one thing I learned that if I really want to be successful with a crowd funding campaign I need to put it off for a few months while I get everything all set up.

The author gives you a list of things you need to do to be successful. Some of those you need to have ready before you get started. Like a list of all the friends (or just folks you met) who might be able to help. You need this beforehand so you can get started as soon as you post your campaign (or even before).

She explains everything in this eBook. Not just the what but the why….and how a particular action can make a difference between success and failure.

I’m glad I read it. Now I just have to decide which site would be best for my project…and make sure I got all my duckies in a row. Once that happens…I’ll let you know.  You and everyone I ever met.

About the Author:

Picture of Patrice Williams Marks.Patrice Williams Marks has been writing since she was 6 years old. She has written screenplays, fiction, and How To books such as Hacking Kickstarter, Indigogo: How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days, and Want Top Cash For Your Gold?

You can visit her website, friend her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter too.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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