Early Christmas Shopping?

That is a great excuse isn’t it? I have been buying a few things lately that we don’t necessarily NEED. Like these Hotter shoes – I didn’t really NEED any new shoes. I could have worn the old ones I have, but I really really wanted some shoes that would not hurt my feet(or at … Read More

Overcome Your Shopping Addiction By Stephen Howe Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Overcome Your Shopping Addiction : The Guide To Beating Your Addiction And Ending The Shopping Addiction Cycle is a pretty neat little book. It isn’t very long and is easy to read but it packs quite a bit of information in those pages. I wanted … Read More

Holiday Shopping Season Is In Full Swing

Holiday Shopping Season Is In Full Swing

I went shopping this morning. I’m not sure why but I didn’t really expect to see all the Holiday stuff out yet. Wal-mart already has isles and isles of goodies out. Lots of perfume and powder gift boxes…and gobs of kitchen stuff. And that is besides all the Christmas decorations. Some of those were out … Read More

The Best Places to Shop as of 2012

The Best Places to Shop as of 2012

Malls have become an inevitable place wherein almost everybody goes to; and for nearly every reason as well whether it is shopping, meeting someone, taking a walk, eating and so on. If you find yourself looking for a mall to go to, you may consider going to these malls. Mall of America The Mall of … Read More

Holiday Wish List Savings

Everyone wants Savings, especially when shopping for the holidays.  The more money you can save on each item, the more things  on your wish list you can mark off! And of course your kids wish lists, not to mention your husbands. Savings.com can be very helpful with that. You can save money on flowers, Christmas … Read More

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