The Flu Is No Fun At All

The Flu Is No Fun At All

Yes I have the flu. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to do housework or cook. I don’t want to be bothered. I mainly want to lay in bed and be pampered with lots of juice and covers!

JuiceThat is what you are supposed to do when you have the flu.

Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids!

Unless the fever gets really high or you have trouble breathing anyway. So far my fever hasn’t gotten that high. I’m hoping it won’t.

The only time I have trouble breathing is when I’m coughing. I don’t think that’s what they mean though.

One problem I do have is that every time I cough I also have a minor leakage on the other end. Told my hubby I might have to send him to the store to get me some diapers…the look on his face was priceless!!

It isn’t really that bad but it could cause problems if I was out and about…so it is a good thing I’m staying home and hiding isn’t it?

What do you do when you are sick? Any tips for getting over it quicker?

Sickness In The House

My Dad just had surgery a few days ago and hasn’t been feeling at all well since then.

I’m not sure if it was the tube in his throat or if he caught some bug but his throat was hurting and he was even wakeing himself up with the snoring. He went back to the doc and they gave him some pills. Apparently the pills make him sick too.

And we don’t even know for sure if the tumers were cancer or not. He may know but he isn’t talking and that is making my mom mad. She is gonna talk to the doc herself next time he goes.

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. I don’t know if it is what he has/had or not. My mother in law has also been sick and I might have gotten something from her.

I don’t feel up to doing anything at all. You guys are lucky you can just visit me on my blog and not my house…you don’t want to catch what I got for sure.

I need to get well by Wednesday though…we have to take a dog halfway across the state. Some folks from a shelter on the other side of the state are meeting us halfway to pick her up.

They are supposed to be from the  Arkansas Australian Shepherd Rescue group but I haven’t been able to find them online.  Any of you guys ever hear anything about them?

I’m going to get something to eat then I’m going to bed. Hopefully I’ll be back before you guys even miss me.



Back To School Frenzy And Nurse Practitioners

Back To School Frenzy And Nurse Practitioners

The back to school frenzy is getting to me. And I don’t even have kids in school. I still found myself over in the sale section going through the school supplies. And most online stores have banners and links on the front page to back to school stuff, lots of different stuff, for all ages. From kindergarten to grad school.

If you are still needing things for your school kids or if you are like me and can’t resist browsing the items. Target is having a sale:

My hubby is not attending this semester. That did not stop me from browsing the items. I actually bought some stuff. Some of it is actually useful….like the paper. You can use that even if you are not in school. The crayons I admit won’t get used for a while. But what they hey…you never know when someone with a kid might stop by. Got to keep them occupied!

In other news I went to the clinic this morning.  I saw the Nurse Practitioner. Not because I wasn’t willing to see the Doctor…it’s just that she was available sooner than he was…but I do like this Nurse. She is a no-nonsense sort of lady who seems to be as good or better than the Doctor. She is also a bit cheaper. That can make a big difference if you are short on money.

It seems I have an ear infection and a sinus infection. She also took my blood pressure and it was high for the first time ever. I know being overweight isn’t good and getting older doesn’t help…but I didn’t expect that. She said it might be a fluke just because I’m sick and wants me to check my blood pressure once a day for two weeks and then come see her again.

So I’m not feeling well. I should be better in a few days but in the meantime I’m gonna take a few naps. I’ll just have to post in between naps!

Don’t forget we have an event coming up in just a few days! Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss this one!

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