Want A Relaxing Aromatic Bath?

These Bath Bombs from Angèle are wonderful. They fizz! A lot. And by a lot I mean for about a minute. I tried to take a video but my phone kept freezing up. I did get some pictures. All of the Bath Bombs smell wonderful, and that is with the wrapper on. I left the … Read More

Aging Skin Needs Extra Help

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is great for aging skin. It contains macadamia oil, which contains Omega-7, and is similar to the natural oils in your skin. As we age our bodies make less of this oil, and our skin gets dryer, and thinner. If we don’t find a way to replace some of this oil … Read More

Concentrated Lemon Essential Oil Goes A Long Way

Extra Strength Lemon Oil from Lift Care is very concentrated. They say it is 5x Extra Strength. All I know is that a little is all it takes. This is a fair sized 4 oz bottle and I have been using it in my kitchen for a few weeks, and I still have more than … Read More

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts Review

The Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts are really wonderful to put in the water when soaking in a hot bathtub. The salts contain more than 26 essential minerals that are good for the skin and body. The minerals in these bath salts can help provide relief for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis symptoms. Soaking in them … Read More

Rescue Your Skin With Shea Blossom Remedy Cream

Shea Blossom Remedy Cream is the best moisturizer I have ever used, and it can be used from tresses to toes. You can use it on your hair to help control frizzies, and it is really great on sun dried skin. The folks at Terranova® sent me a 4 oz tube.  The tube is bigger … Read More

Is Your Skin A Moisture Junkie?

If your skin seems to absorb moisture like a sponge, then you should check out Moisture Junkie Body Butter from Natural Addictions Hair & Beauty. This is a thick body butter and it only takes a little bit to cover your hands, or whatever part of you it is going on. I have used it … Read More

Moisturize With All Natural Botanical Splash

Botanical Splash Body Moisturizer and Revitalizer from Trusted Health Products is a great moisturizer for trouble spots like elbows and ankles. It works really great as an after shower spritz too. Trusted Health Products description says that it: Decreases the appearance of spider veins and blemishes Smooths the appearance of rough and scaly areas Reduces … Read More

The Mommy Fashion Show Giveaway Hop

Welcome to The Mommy Fashion Show Giveaway Hop hosted by The Mommy Island & The Kids Did It. This hop will fun from April 20 to May 4. You do NOT have to be a mommy to enter, or to appreciate the great prizes being offered by all the wonderful bloggers taking part in this … Read More

Perfectly Natural Soap From Foxbrim

Perfectly Natural Soap from Foxbrim can even be used on your face. It has no harsh chemicals added to it, not even a fragrance, so it can be used on sensitive skin. I really like this soap. I have nothing against scents, in fact I love scents, but they do sometimes bother people. Some perfumes … Read More

Relax Essential Oil from Mia Mariu

The Relax Essential Oil Blend from Mia Mariu is one of the best smelling scents I have ever come across.  I love it. Since it is specially blended to aid relaxation it is great for using in the bedroom. It can help make drifting off to sleep much easier, and lots more pleasant.  It is … Read More

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