Showcase Your Instagram Feed With #Cube

#Cube™The #Cube™ is a great way to show off your Instagram feed.

It connects to your Instagram account through your wireless and automatically updates. So you will see any new pictures your friends post immediately (depends on your internet speed of course).

The #Cube™ looks like a nice picture frame so you can set on a coffee table or end table (or anywhere you want it) so everyone can see it.

That also allows you to move it around, and look at your Instagram while you are doing housework.

It has a heart button on the top you can push to “like” a picture.  You can also look at the back of the picture and follow/unfollow the user as well.

#Cube™ showing my feed.

I really like this. I carried it into the kitchen with me and had it on the counter while cleaning in there. It is neat to be able to hit the “like” button on top.

You can set the #Cube™ to show your feed, your “likes”, or a particular user. You can have it show only one picture at a time or a grid.

It has a touch display, an 8 inch screen, it is portable and wireless, and it is updateable, and rechargeable.

The best thing about it is that it looks good anywhere. I can set it on my mantle or coffee table, or the kitchen counter and it looks nice.  And since it comes three different styles you can get one that will look good in your house too. You can get the Classic, Black, or White #Cube™.

You can buy them directly or from

Please follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeGoogle+,  and Instagram.

I received a free product to review.

Bye-Bye Google Friend Connect, Hello Google+

Google Friend Connect will no longer work on WordPress blogs after March 1, 2012 according a post on the Google Blog.

WordPress blogs are encouraged to create a Google+ page and have a Google+ badge on thier site in place of the Google Friend Connect widget.

The GFC widget didn’t always work correctly and sometimes just plain dissappeared so that doesn’t bother me much. It does bother me that I had close to 3000 followers on GFC and now that isn’t going to do me or my followers any good at all!

Since you won’t be able to read my blog on the GFC reader anymore after march 1st, please add my RSS feed to your favorite reader!

I would really appreciate you adding Simple Wyrdings Google+ page to your circles too.  If you don’t yet have a Google+ account the instructions for making one can be found here : Create A Google+ Page. If you have a page but are not really familiar with it yet, you can read this tutorial.

Have a look around and if you like my posts please share them!

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