A Box Of Fuzzballs

One of my hens died this last week. She was the last of the oldest ones. All the rest of my hens are less than 5 years old.

I was already short of hens now that I have a rooster and none of them seem to want to go broody (yet) this year. So we checked at the feed store and got a few.

Picture of orpington chicks.

I had only intended to get three of four from there. I figure at least one of my hens will go broody before the end of May and we could hatch some of our own. Of course that didn’t go so well last year as only 5 hatched and several of them ended up getting killed one way or another.

So since my hubby thought we should make sure we had enough (in case some of them just died or got eaten by a cat or something) we ended up with ten of the little fuzz balls.

They almost got eaten by a cat before we even got out of the feed store. We had a box with us to put them in and my hubby put the box on the floor while we were looking at the waterers and getting the chick feed.

One of the resident cats(they have quite a few there -good thing- they eat the mice) came over and was trying to get in the box. She almost made it before I saw her. The chicks would have been a pretty good breakfast for her.

Picture of my chicks at the feeder.

We have them in a big box in our “library” room.  We couldn’t find the feeder at first so I had put the feed in the top of an egg carton and the chicks made a mess in the box. I did eventually find the feeder and it is in there now so after I do a clean up the box won’t be quite so messy.

Well except they do tend to poop all over the place. They even managed to poop in the water. They will be too big to do that before long.

Picture of an Orpington chick sleeping under a lamp.Right now all they do is eat, drink, poop, and sleep. They mostly tend to sleep in a little clump but the one in this picture is all my herself under the lamp.

That is just a regular table lamp, one of those colored lamps you can get at Wal-Mart. It has an old 75 watt bulb it.  I know all the chicken sites will tell you to get a big heat lamp…but this is the way we did it before and it worked fine (and people did it this way for years).

The chicks seem to be just fine. In fact they may have gotten a bit too warm this morning as they were all sleeping away from the lamp for a while.

I’ll be taking pictures and posting them all summer most likely. You might as well settle in and get ready to be inundated with chick pictures.

It could be worse…I wanted to get a couple of rabbits too but hubby wouldn’t let me.

Do you have any baby animals in your house this spring? What kind? Got pictures?

Pretty Colors Of Spring

There is green coming up all over the place of course and it looks good after the brown of winter.

But what I really like is the BluesSome blue flowers in my yard.

And the Purples

Purple Flowers in my yard.

And of course the Yellows!

Some of the Daffodils in my yard.

Daffodils in front of my porch.

Even the ones that have just been peed on.

Daffodils and the dog that just peed on them.

Those green clumps you can see scattered here and there will be bunches of little white flowers before too long.

Just looking at them makes me feel happy!

Do you have any flowers blooming yet?

Heralds Of Spring In Northeast Arkansas

Heralds Of Spring In Northeast Arkansas

Right now it is pretty hard to believe it is actually spring. It snowed here this past week and it has been cold outside.

There are a few things that indicate spring is here though.

The Corkscrew Willow started putting out leaves a few days ago! It will be fully dressed for summer before long.

Peony shoots coming up.

One of the Peony plants is starting to come up already! I can hardly wait for the blooms. They are usually big and gorgeous!

Purple grasses, or weeds.

This purple stuff is coming up everywhere too. My yard doesn’t have it thick enough to look like a purple carpet but some places do. I think it is pretty when it comes up thick.

I’m not sure if it is a weed or some kind of grass but either way I like it.

And of course we have had Daffodils and Jonquils for a while now. Some of those are finished blooming already but a few are still going strong.

White Jonquils in my back yard.Daffodils in my yard.
















I’ve also seen a few Tulip trees blooming on the way to town. Those are really lovely!

So if it would just warm up a bit it would really feel like spring here.

How is spring coming along in your area?

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Spring Snow Is Pretty

Spring Snow Is Pretty

Spring snow in Arkansas in 2013.

Isn’t it lovely? The really nice part is that it is already melting. It may all be gone by the end of the day and leave only a pleasant memory.

Since it didn’t even make the roads icy here I’m pretty sure most folks enjoyed it. Except maybe some of the kids who still had to go to school.

This snow reminded me of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In the first book when they are living in the Big Woods her grandpa makes maple suger and Pa tells Laura the snow is called “sugar snow” because snow that time of years makes the sap run longer and you can make more maple syrup and sugar.

And they had a big party to celebrate. Do they still do that?

I wish we had some maple trees down here…it might be fun to make some syrup. Of course I wouldn’t recognize a maple tree if it was right in front of me…so I can’t say for sure there isn’t one. I think most of the maple syrup comes from way up north though.

Does you know? Have you ever made syrup?

Dealing With The Winter Blahs

Dealing With The Winter Blahs

Many days lately have been dark, cloudy, and gloomy. Like this picture.

Picture of a gloomy day.

And not only that it is cold! Which means you can’t stay outside long even if you wanted to be out in the gloom.

But inside isn’t much better.

My whole family is starting to get stir crazy. Of course the daffodils do brighten things up a bit and some bushes are starting to get buds on them.

That just makes us more eager to get outside and start doing things.

My hubby was out trimming trees the other day. Even though it was really cold out there.

We are looking forward to when it is warmer and we can go out in the yard and get the flower beds ready and maybe plant a few vegetables too.

And the local parks will be full of people again. Hiking, playing ball, and swimming. It is nice to go by there and just watch sometimes.

And Crowleys Ridge State park will have their waterfall open again when it is warmer. It is really relaxing to go sit on the benches and watch the water run down into the lake.

I’m really looking forward to sunshine and warm days! How about you?

Chickens Are Ready For Spring Too

Chickens Are Ready For Spring Too

My chickens are ready for spring too. They are wanting some green grass and bugs to eat.

A couple of my buff orpington hens.

They are getting bored and when that happens they tend to peck at each other more.

My husband was out in the coop a few days ago working on the roosts. It was not level and one of the hens kept trying to lay eggs in there. Of course the eggs just rolled out on the ground. That is now fixed.

Heavy rains wash through the chicken yard sometimes and leave little ditches that need filling up and he fixed those too.

I’m thinking about getting some fertilized eggs to put under one of the hens. We do not have a rooster and I haven’t been able to find an Orpington rooster anywhere around here. So it looks like the only way to get one is to have a hen hatch some eggs.

Besides I like the chicks. They are so cute! And we can give eggs away if there are too many.

I will be so glad when it gets warm again! It seems like I have been cold all winter this year.

How are you doing? What are you doing to get ready for spring?

Recovering From An Illness

Recovering From An Illness

It gets harder as you get older. Or so it seems to me. I don’t remember ever taking this long to get over being sick before.

Then again maybe I just don’t remember. My memory isn’t what it used to be either!

I think it really is taking longer to get better. It has been over a week now since the really bad part. Most of the coughing is gone and I haven’t had a fever in a week.

But I start getting sleepy after I’ve been up for a bit and it doesn’t take much before I have to sit down and rest.

And my mind seems to tire easy too. I can’t concentrate very long.

It is getting better every day though. I figure at this rate it will be another week or so before I’m back to normal. I hope it won’t be longer than that.

I miss my blog. I miss visiting other blogs and seeing whats going on everywhere else.

On the bright side…daffodils are blooming here already! Spring is coming…soon!

photo credit: code poet via photopin cc

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