Spywareblaster by Javacool Softeware

SpywareBlaster has been around for a long time. Their website at Javacool Software says since 2002.  I had thought it was older than that. I first found it years ago on one of the forums where security geeks hang out. The forum is Wilder Security Forums and Spywareblaster support forum is there.

I like this program because it blocks bad stuff from being downloaded onto your computer. At least if you are using one of the more popular browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox. It works on a few other browsers as well. Chrome is not on the list yet though.

It won’t block every kind of malware but only known malware that uses the browser to install. It can also block tracking cookies.  It can keep dangerous websites from doing  damage (or at least as much damage).

I like that it doesn’t have to run all the time. You turn it on to update it (regularly!). After updating you just set the protections and then turn it off. It doesn’t take up system resources and it works very well with anti virus programs and other security programs.

The best part is it is free! Yep absolutely free. For home and educational use anyway. For a business they offer a couple of different options.  I think it is worth it but each business will have to evaluate that for themselves.

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