How Do You Keep Time?

Lots of people are using their cell phones for time keeping these days. Most of the younger people I know don’t even have a watch.

A lady I know still collects Micky Mouse watches though. She wears them too. But I think it mostly for show because she also has a cell phone she checks the time on.

I still wear watches. I have worn one most of my life. When I was little I got the toy ones all the time and couldn’t wait till I was big enough for a real one.

I got a special more expensive one as a graduation gift later. That one had different bands you could change to go with different outfits.

A really nice watch can make an outfit look much more expensive than it is. And since mine is attached to my arm it is much harder to misplace than a phone!

Watches are getting harder to find in stores these days though. Even many department stores are not stocking them like they used to.

You can still find some really good ones online though.You can find Invicta watches  online as well as many others.

I like the look of the chronograph watches. They just look so cool.



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