YogaToes Review

YogaToes Review

Yogatoes picture. I recieved some YogaToes to try out and review. The ones in that picture are blue. The ones I got are pink. I like the pink better so that is ok.

My husband might have been more willing to try them if they had been blue. His family seems to have convinced him that pink is for girls and he never quite outgrew that.

I love these. They tell you not to use them for long at a time when you first start and I didn’t. It actually started to hurt a bit after a few minutes but until then it felt wonderful.

The instructions tell you to work your way up to an hour at a time at most. I have gotten to maybe 15 minutes. I have bunions and it feels really good to stretch my toes but my big toe starts to hurt after a bit. I may not ever make it up to an hour but that is ok.

The YogoToes are doing their thing. It feels especially good if I have had to stand up for very long even if in loose fitting tennis shoes. I expect using YogoToes after wearing any toe pinching shoes would feel really good.

These are the first patented toe stretchers. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and  a lifetime warranty. For more information visit YogaToes where you can read all about them and watch a video.

If you have problems with you feet…try these.

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