Toothaches Are Terrible

Toothaches Are Terrible

Aching Tooth.Really terrible. It is hard to remember how bad teeth can hurt until they actually start hurting.

I have a swollen tooth in my lower jaw. It has been hurting for a few days but yesterday it actually started to swell and now my whole face is hurting.

Makes me feel really sorry for teething babies and their moms. If one tooth can cause all this pain….imagine what it feels like to have a whole mouthful growing in.

I went to the doctor for it today. That and the cough I have had for over a month now. She (nurse practitioner) gave me some anti-biotic pills and told me to get some Mucinex and drink a lot of water.

She said to call the dentist and make an appointment. So I have that to look forward to early Monday morning.

But at least once he has done whatever needs to be done it won’t hurt anymore! I hope.

My dad offered to take care of it with a pair of pliers…but I told him I would rather pay the Dentist. Besides if it is abscessed…then pulling it right now would probably make me really sick.

I did some research online though…for toothache remedies. Lots of folks claim that vanilla extract will help if you put it on the tooth. There were several recommendations of warm salt water too. Since I don’t have any extract I’m going to try the salt water.

I figure it can’t hurt and it might help. Do you know of anything else that might help? I’m already taking over the counter pain medication. It helps a bit…for a while.

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