Soothie Suckers Giveaway

Boxes of Soothie Suckers.The folks over at Soothie Suckers are offering one of my readers the chance to win one box of each flavor of these tasty treats.

I really liked these herbal pops. I froze mine. Be sure to check out my review.

If you can’t wait to see if you win, you can get $2.00 off using coupon code “wyrdings” (without the quotes).

This is open to US entrants only, and only if you can legally enter.

Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below.

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Looking For A Healthier Alternative To Regular Frozen Treats?

Boxes of Soothie Suckers.If you are looking for a healthier alternative to most frozen treats then you don’t have to look any further.

Soothie Suckers have no high fructose corn syrup, and no alcohol, and are only 15 calories each.

They are sweetened with organic Agave Syrup so they still satisfy the desire for sweets. They also have a good flavor to them. To me they tasted just like the regular (high fructose filled) grape or orange flavored pops(or drinks).

These are made with organic Echinacea and  organic Astragalus Root, along with some other organic ingredients  such as Thyme, and Goldenseal.

Echinacea is a herb that was used by Native Americans, and has become one of the most popular herbs for supporting the immune system. It is most commonly used to fight cold symptoms.

Astragalus Root was used in ancient China and is still one of the most used herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It is mostly used to support or restore the function of the immune system.

Both flavors of Soothie Suckers are good for the immune system but one is specifically for Immune Support, and the other is more for Nasal Support.

These can be frozen, which is what I did, because I love frozen pops, even in the winter. If you don’t want them frozen you can just drink them. They taste good either way and work just as well.

If you buy some now you can get $2.00 off per box useing the code “wyrdings” (without the quotes) until December 31, 2014.

You can follow Soothie Suckers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mrs. Renfro’s Gourmet Salsas

Disclosure: I received free product to review.  My opinion is 100% my own.

Mrs. Renfro’s makes some really great products.

They are really careful in the shipping too. These are the four jars of products that I picked out to try. As you can see they are very well padded and the packaging fixes the jars so they can’t move.

That is really good because it is upsetting to get a package and open it find out whatever the item was broke during shipping.

Mrs. Renfro's Product PackagingThese are 16 oz jars and most of them sell for $3.25. The Nacho Cheese sauces are a dollar more.

Some jars of Mrs. Renfro's Products on my counter.Now for most things 16 oz would be plenty. BUT I ran out of the Green Tomato Pickles and the Pineapple Salsa way  too fast. They really need to offer those in bigger containers. Like maybe a gallon at a time.

And yes I have bought items that large before. I love pickled green tomato and several other of my family members do too. It is especially nice to have around during the summer when everyone seems to want to have fish fries every week or so. Those do go great with fried fish.

As for the Pineapple Salsa…I love that stuff. Until trying this I had no idea that you could use fruit in Salsa.  We don’t usually eat a lot of salsa here because none of us can handle spicy foods very well and I always thought that salsa was spicy.

This is NOT spicy. It has a sweet taste to it and I could probably eat a gallon of it at one sitting just by myself (if anyone would let me).

I also tried the Garlic Salsa and it was good too. Just not as good as the Pineapple.

The Nacho Cheese Sauce is really good too. It goes great with Tortilla Chips.

Of course they have more than 30 different salsas, sauces, and relishes to choose from so they are bound to have something you will like too.

You can place an order here. You can also find their products in many supermarkets, gourmet and gift shops, and fruit and vegetable stands.

Please visit and follow Mrs. Renfro’s  on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Send Me An Ice Cream Man

Picture of an Ice Cream Truck.When I was little a truck similar to the one in the picture would come by my grandmothers house just about every day. Definitely every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

She lived across the street from the main park in town. The one with the swimming pool and the baseball field and the tennis courts. And of course the playground.

So the Ice Cream Man always had plenty of business there. The neighbor hood around the park had lots of kids too so he probably didn’t have to go too far to sell everything.

I can’t remember if an Ice Cream Truck ever came by my moms house.  There wouldn’t have been as much business there for sure.

The one at the park would get mobbed.  We would wait till it was in front of my grandmothers house and by the time it got to us there would usually be at least 6 kids waiting.

The last time I laid eyes on one of those was a few years back. It was cruising through another park.

Do they even come by peoples houses anymore? Or only go to parks?

I would love to have one of those come by my house here. I want an ice cream bar.

photo credit: srqpix via photopin cc

Minute Maid® Juice Bars Review

Disclosure: I received free juice bars to review.

Minute Maid Juice Bars
J&J Snack Foods sent me a couple of Minute Maid® Juice Bars Variety Boxes to review.

I love anything cold in the summer and wanted to check these out so I could see if it was something I need to stock up on before it gets hot.

These juice bars are 90% juice.  Two of the flavors (Orange, and Grape) contain some high fructose corn syrup too as well as some artificial flavorings.

They are mostly juice though and have only 40 calories per bar! That is mostly a good thing. I say mostly because once I know something good has a pretty low calorie count I tend to eat more of them.

So I ended up eating two or three of these at a time. Can’t blame Minute Maid for that though(I would if I could). It isn’t their fault I can’t control my snacking.

At least these are mostly made of real fruit juice so I don’t have to feel so guilty about it. They taste good too. I like the cherry flavor best and my husband liked the grape best. The orange flavor is ok too.

I also like the package the juice comes in. It is little and the ends are flat on opposite sides. They are easy to open and easy to hold.Minute Maid Frozen Juice bars It helps that the juice bars are small since I don’t have a separate freezer. These frozen juice bars don’t take up much room at all. I will be looking to buy a few boxes of these later on in the summer when it is hot.

You can find more information on the Minute Maid website and you can follow @JJSnackFoods on Twitter.


Easy Bite Size Snacks

Disclosure: I received a free product to review.

J&J Snack Foods have come out with some new SuperPretzel® SoftStix® that are really good.

Picture of boxes of Softstix snacks.

These are basically just little bitty soft pretzels with a cheese filling.  The filling comes in three flavors, Cheddar Cheese (which I really liked!), Nacho, and Buffalo (which I didn’t like). My husband liked the Nacho best.

The Buffalo was just a bit too strong for me.

One good thing about these is that you can heat them in the oven or in the microwave. They tend to come out crispier in the oven but if you have someone who can’t eat crispy stuff then you will want to use the microwave.

I used the oven and my hubby said some of them were too hard for him to chew (it is possible that I left them in there too long – please don’t tell him that). I did better with the second batch.

Second batch of Softstix I baked.

In the oven they only take 6 to 7 minutes and in the microwave they are ready in less than a minute. So if you have a horde of game watchers descend on you without warning…these are a great way to feed them quickly.

One serving of SoftStix® (two of them) has 130 calories. I’m not sure if you will be able to stop at one serving though. A box contains 6 servings and I could easily sit there and eat them all myself.

With April being National Soft Pretzel Month this would be a great time to try them!

The SoftStix® product page has a link to a printable coupon to take to the store with you.

You can connect with SuperPretzel® on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too.

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KIND Healthy Snacks Review

Kind LogoKIND makes healthy snacks. They also make tasty snacks.

I know this is true because they sent me some of their snack bars to try out. I got to try the Blueberry Pecan + Fiber, Fruit & Nuts, and the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars.

Kind Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt snack bar.The ones in the picture are the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars. Don’t they look good? As the name says they have nuts and sea salt in them and dark chocolate drizzled across the top. They do taste good!

And they are good for you. They contain peanuts and walnuts and almonds all of which are good for you(in moderation). Nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids and can help lower cholesterol if they are included in a healthy diet.

All their snack bars are made from whole fruits, nuts, and grains. There are no unpronounceable ingredients in them. I like that!

KIND also supports charities. Each month they donate $10,000 dollars to a project.

They recently teamed up with Waves for Water to rebuild the home of a New Jersey volunteer firefighter after it was destroyed in hurricane Sandy.

For more information about Waves for Water and the damage from hurricane Sandy check out this video :

You can also read about the work they are doing on the KIND blog.  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Simply Snackin Gourmet Dried Meat Snacks Review

Logo for Simply Snackin.I received some dried meat snacks from Simply Snackin® to try out.

I have loved jerky and meat sticks since I was 12. They had some at church camp and there wasn’t much else to buy for snacking on and I was always wanting something to eat at that age.

I have probably tried every brand and flavor that ever came out and I’m really happy that I was able to try these.

They sent me one of each flavor to try. My favorite was the Teriyaki Beef Sirloin with Pineapples. I love that! It has a wonderful flavor to it and it filled me up too. I like that it lasts a while. That is one of the reasons I love dried meats…you can chew on them for a bit and the flavor sticks with you. This one was the best I have ever had!

Picture of Simply Snackin products.

The chicken ones were good too but I really like the beef better. The only flavor I didn’t much care fro was the Chicken Breast with Black Bean Salsa. I guess the flavor of Black Bean Salsa is just not my thing.

Every one of these has fruit in them. You can actually see the bits of fruit in the meat and taste it too.

These snacks are made with fresh cuts of lean natural beef sirloin or lean chicken breast meat and combined with real fruits and spices. They do not contain any added MSG or anything artificial.  If you actually read the ingredients list on a packet you will recognize everything on there. They have gluten free ones too!

I like these a lot and wouldn’t mind having a whole box of the beef ones around to snack on.

Visit them on Facebook and Twitter for more information and you can place an order on

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Great Low Calorie Snacks From Oloves

Me and my husband both love olives. We like them just about any way you can eat them. Plain or flavored, by themselves or on salads or in casseroles and dips.

There are a few exceptions of course. My hubby does not like them with any kind of pepper or hot sauce.

Whenever we see any new brands or flavors out there we want to try them. So when the folks from Oloves asked if I would like to try their new snack olives I of course said yes.

They sent me a package with three different flavors of healthy snack olives.

The flavors were Lemony Lover, Tasty Mediterranean, and Hot Chilli Mama. I liked all of them but my favorite was the Lemony Lover and least favorite was the Hot Chilli Mama.

Lemony Lover flavored olive snack from  Oloves.

My husband did not like the Hot Chilli Mama flavor, which was not actually hot. Or didn’t seem so to me anyway.

These come in snack sized packages that are easy to open and contain only 50 calories!

You can snack on these without feeling guilty because not only are they low calorie but olives are actually good for you! Besides being the source of olive oil they contain iron, copper, and fiber. Read this article about the benefits of olives for more information on how they can affect your health.

One of the things I like about these snack packages is that they are easy to carry with you. I could get several of them into my purse at one time. So if I’m going shopping and get hungry I could just eat a package instead of stopping for a really fattening treat.

If you can’t find them in your local store they are available on

Check out Oloves on Facebook and Follow @OLOVES_ on Twitter for updates.

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Simply7 Snack Chips Review

Simply7 logoI received some snack chips from Simply7 to review. When I say “some” snack chips I mean “a lot” of snack chips. They actually sent me one bag of each flavor.

Bags of various flavored Simply7 Snack Chips.My husband saw the box as soon as he got home and he couldn’t wait till after supper to try some. He grabbed the bag of Creamy Dill flavored Lentil chips and ended up eating the whole bag.

I told him he better let me taste the rest of them or he would be writing the review. So he did give me a few of every other bag he opened.

So far about half of the bags are more than half empty. He ate most of them but I have had my share too. They are really good. Some of the flavors taste a bit bland to me but still edible.

My favorites so far have been the Roasted Red Pepper flavored Hummus Chips. I was afraid to try them at first as I thought they would be hot but they were really good.

The Lentil chips with Sea Salt and the Pomegranate chips with Sea Salt were also really good. The other chips were all ok but not flavors we would choose if ordering ourselves.

One of the really great things about these is that they do not have Trans fat or Cholesterol. They also do not have artificial colors or flavorings or preservatives.

They are also Gluten free!!

There is a store locator on their website if you are looking to buy products.  For more information you can find them  on Facebook and Twitter.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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