It Is Good To Be Home Again

Me and my husband had to take a trip up to Michigan again. We rented a car from Enterprise for the trip as my car is almost 20 years old now and about to fall apart. The car was a Chrysler 200 and it was a really nice car. It took some getting used to … Read More

Hampton Inn on Gratiot Ave. in Roseville, Michigan

The Hampton Inn on Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, Michigan is a wonderful place to stay. We only stayed there one night and didn’t get to use all the amenities. They have a gym and a swimming pool that we didn’t get to use. I wish we had been able to stay an extra day. Next … Read More

The Weary Traveler Returns

The weary traveler returns after a very long trip.  The trip was to Michigan. Only the lower part of Michigan though. The highest we got was Saginaw. That took more than 12 hours of driving. Not sure how much more than 12 hours as we also stopped for refueling both ourselves and the car. A … Read More

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