Cold Weather Can Kill

Ice on the walkway to my porch.

It can kill animals.

It hasn’t actually been icy yet this year (at least not here) but it has frozen the last few nights.

Animals left outside without adequate shelter can freeze to death. And since their water will freeze, you need to check that too.

My chickens water froze and they were really happy to see me bringing them some this morning. They have a closed coop but not all of them seem to want to roost in there. At least not yet.

So far they are surviving fine, but they have feathers to keep them warm. Dogs might not fare so well.

Please make sure any animals around you have a warm place to sleep, and if you see some that don’t, call the police.

It can kill people.

Lots of people may not be quite ready for the cold this year either. I have seen people going outside without adequate clothing for the cold weather. All it will take is one fall, and if they are stuck outside too long, it will kill them.

Make sure all your family knows this, and put their coats on before going out in the cold.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a blanket and/or extra coat in the vehicle too, just in case. You never know when a breakdown might occur, and it is much better to be safe than sorry.

It can kill cable.

My cable anyway. I have no idea what (exactly) the problem is, but you would think after having the same thing happen several years in a row, that the cable company would have it’s duckies all in a row. But do they???

Apparently not.

My internet has gone down, in the evening, for the past two days. It goes down about 4:30 to 5:00 in the afternoon, and stays down till about 9:00 in the morning. The cable company folks say it is the cold weather, and they are working on it.

I don’t get it. Does this happen to you guys who live up north?

Anyway be careful out there. Have some books handy in case you can’t get online.  :)

The Ice Is Melted!

Ice on moms house.

This huge icicle was hanging off my moms house just beside the porch a few days ago.

Ice on the walkway to my porch.This is what the walkway to my porch looked like a few days ago. It was really slippery.

Then it warmed up and it all melted and I can actually walk out to the gate without almost falling on my hiney.

I’m so glad to see the sun. Hope it all melts (or has melted) wherever you happen to be.

Keep Your Pets Warm

Picture of a horse on a couch in the living room.And if you can’t bring them in the house at least make sure they have a warm place somewhere.

Even a dog house is good so long as it is where it can’t be buried in ice or snow and is out of the wind.

Both of our outside dogs are snuggled up in one dog house. They like being together and they stay warmer that way. The house is out of the wind and is under our car-port so the rain/sleet/snow doesn’t get in.

The horses are in a barn…not on our couch. But since they are not house broken it is much better that way :p

Chickens are in the coop huddled up in a bunch keeping warm.

I have not seen any stray cats or other strays around here in a long time but if you do have strays around your house you can make a little shelter for them out of Styrofoam coolers if you want.

Picture of a cat shelter made of styrofoam.I expect that would work just as well for smaller dogs or other animals but the hole might need to be a bit bigger.

Here in Northeast Arkansas we have had sleet or freezing rain all morning. That comes on top of the sleet/snow that fell the day before.

Animals will be grateful for any shelter they can find. If you see animals stuck outside please call the police…or at least remind the owners that the animals are there…just in case they forgot. Or both.

You might also consider donating to animal shelters or rescue organizations. They get a lot of animals when the weather is bad and they need help…both volunteers and donations.

If you need some suggestions…I like Spay Arkansas, Dirks FundNorth East Arkansas for Animals, Peace and Paws, and Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. There are lots of other good ones out there too.

Volunteer if you can and if you have any extra money please donate!

Some human shelters might also be in need of help :) The Northeast Arkansas Food Bank feeds a lot of folks and Mission Outreach in Paragould, Arkansas offers a shelter for those that need it. The Salvation Army is in Jonesboro, Arkansas but I’m not sure if they have a shelter or only do meals. There are other shelters all over the place. You might consider supporting the one nearest you.

Lady-bug Explosion

Picture of a bunch of lady-bugs.Last week we had some weird weather. First it was pretty cool but not cold then we had two days where it got below freezing. Then it warmed back up.

There were actually a couple of days up in the 7os! Now it is cold again.

During that warm spell a bunch of lady-bug eggs must have hatched out around here. I know there were hundreds of them on my back porch. They started off up in the corner where the post meets the ceiling. They spread out from there.

Into the house even. Every time you opened the door several of them ended up inside. You couldn’t even walk outside without bringing a bunch of them inside with you.

My mom said a bunch hatched at her house too and that my dad came in the house with them all over him. He had to go back out and sweep himself off.

That was kind of neat because lady bugs are good to have around. They eat all the bad bugs especially aphids. I did worry that they might not make it through the winter but on doing some research it seems they find nooks and crannies to hide in and hibernate during the winter. Unless they happen to be in your nice warm house. In that case you might see them wandering around.

Hibernation sounds good about now. I don’t like cold weather. How about you?

photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopin cc

Spring Snow Is Pretty

Spring Snow Is Pretty

Spring snow in Arkansas in 2013.

Isn’t it lovely? The really nice part is that it is already melting. It may all be gone by the end of the day and leave only a pleasant memory.

Since it didn’t even make the roads icy here I’m pretty sure most folks enjoyed it. Except maybe some of the kids who still had to go to school.

This snow reminded me of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In the first book when they are living in the Big Woods her grandpa makes maple suger and Pa tells Laura the snow is called “sugar snow” because snow that time of years makes the sap run longer and you can make more maple syrup and sugar.

And they had a big party to celebrate. Do they still do that?

I wish we had some maple trees down here…it might be fun to make some syrup. Of course I wouldn’t recognize a maple tree if it was right in front of me…so I can’t say for sure there isn’t one. I think most of the maple syrup comes from way up north though.

Does you know? Have you ever made syrup?

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