Yard Sale Went Well, Now Helping With A Job Hunt

Well the yard sale went well. About half the stuff got sold. And half of it was more stuff than most people ever have in yard sales.

Most of it was stuff that my grandmother had in her sheds in boxes. She loved yard sales and flea markets and never went to one without buying something. She had collected a lot of stuff. Lots of little decorative knicknacks.

A man and his family bought the leftovers and hauled it away. He said they had a trash pit they were trying to get filled in so even the stuff he couldn’t do anything else with would be useful for that.

My mom got upset that they burned a lot of stuff in our yard. That was my dads fault though ’cause he suggested it. It did save them the gas on hauling it away but I guess he didn’t think about hurting moms feelings.

Now my husband is in another job hunt too. There was a job fair yesterday and he is all excited about it again too. He has to take some tests and is needing to review and naturally he needs someone to test him first!

I have a giveaway starting in a few days and some reviews to post so things should be back to normal. I hope.

Thanks for sticking around!

Getting Ready To Have A Yard Sale

We have spent the last several days getting ready to have a yard sale this weekend.

We pulled ALL the boxes out of my grandmothers shed and put the stuff under the carports. One of which my husband and dad pulled up here from the place next door (they hooked it to a tractor…was fun to watch).

There were about 40 boxes and at least that many grey bins. Lots of ceramic knick-knacks, kitchen bowls, cooking utensils, gobs of picture frames. Stuffed animals galore, and paintings, and little signs with funny sayings on them.

There is also some furniture and lots and lots of clothing. Putting the clothes on hangers took a few hours. She had some lovely dresses. Too bad it is all too small for me.

We had to take all that out and set it out where it can be seen. After the first couple of hours we didn’t bother with much sorting though we did try to put like items in the same area so people can find them easier. There are more than two whole boxes of picture frames of all different sizes. And she didn’t even have pictures in most of them.

Of course some of the stuff was from my house and my mothers but most is my grandmothers items.

The yard sale is going on now and we still haven’t got all the boxes emptied out.

So I have been busy and will be at least till Sunday. If all that stuff doesn’t sell we might be doing it again next weekend. But at least we won’t have to unpack it again!

Have you had a yard sale this year? How did it go?

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